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HELLO NEWBIES... [Updated 06-23-11]

Okay, there have a whole lot of new HBA Members and or a very long time for me to update the list, as always please make sure you are on the list to the right. If not let me know, also you will notice I dumped and started a fresh "New Members Only" page. I did this to make it easier to edit and to stop all the nasty emails I am getting because for what ever reason it clicks back to you every time someone adds something.

Jeremy [iZombie]
HBA Staffer

So here is the list of the newest HBA Members:

Girl on Gore

Todd Russell Horror Thriller Suspense Author
Todd Russell

Zombie Bites
Jesse Campbell

After Midnight, Behind the Closet Door
Jeffrey Macabre

Gor Mandra

Pixie's Horror Galore

Life in Zack's World

Araknex's Film Critic Horror Vault

Sean Thomas Fisher's Blogwash
Sean Thomas Fisher

Horrorking's Horror Blog!
D. Cadmus, Page Curator

The Horror Movie Massacre

Cenobite Me
Shaun Sjolin

Horror, Mobsters, and Darkness

Horror Daily
Zack Long

Digital Macabre
Rick Gleaves

Random Girl "britnie"

The Raven & Black Cat

Attack from Planet B

Lady Lazarus: dying is an art
Jennifer Linton

Jason Rolfe

William Cook: Macabre Art
William Cook

Haunted House Startup
Grant Brott

Alex McDermott's Blog
Alex McDermott!

Verland Lives!

Brutal Rust
Paula - Social Media Director

Kingwood Asylum

Haunt Force

Warning Signs
T.J. Tranchell

Igor's Lab
Kyle Reese

Cold Hand in Mine

Horror eBook Hunter

The Horror Hotel
Kyle Scott

Dr. Terror's Blog of Horrors
Dr. Jimmy Terror

Happy Birthday, Bruce!

Are boy is getting so big, it seems like just yesterday he was fighting demons in that darn wooded cabin... Holy crap everyone... I am so off the grid, there is like a 100 new members that I have not gotten to. I have been swamped with my other sites and this site has been sort of running itself, I will get back on track...  But this is not about me being lazy, it's about Bruce Campbell... Happy Birthday!

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