Horror Blogger Alliance [2014-16]


A - All Godless Here
A - A Horror A Day 
A - A Slice of Horror
A - After Dark Horror Movies
A - Alex Laybourne

A - Angry Ghost Kids
A - A New Age 
A - anintimatestare

A - Anything Horror 
A - Arquivoxdecinema
A - Attack of the Couch Potato
B - Beard Cakes
B - B-Movie Cult 
B - Beyond the Darkened Door
B - Biblioteca do Terror (Library Of Terror, brazillian horror blog) 

B - Bloody Book Blogger
B - Brandon C. Sites: Critic of Modern Day Horror 
B - Brutal Books 
C - Cameron's Pit of Terror 
C - Carly Hearts Movies
C - Carolyn Manson
C - Carnography
C - Chainsaw & Cadaverina's Blog Of Terror
C - Chicks and Chainsaws

C - Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
C - Christian Moran
C - Cinema Slayer
C - Classic Monsters 
C - Collecting Classic Monsters
C - The Crusades of a Critic
D - Dark Distractions

D - Darkness Beckons
D - DC Studio Productions

D - Deaducated 
D - Decay Mag.
D - Descent Into Madness
D - Devil's Due Movie

D - D M. Barcroft 
D - Doom Generation: Movie Reviews for the Sublimely Weird
D - Dr Doyle's Dungeon

D - Drop Your Linen
D - Drunk in a Graveyard

E - Ed Walters 
E - Eerie Dolls
E - Explanation is the Death of Horror 
F - Fiery Pen: The Horror Writing of Christina Bergling
F - The Film Splice
F - Fright Connect 
F - F%#king Zombies! 
G - Ginger of Nuts Horror

G - Girl Terror
G - Goddess of Hellfire
G - Graveyard Shift Sisters
G - Grusel Blog 
H - Halloween Girl 

H - The Happy Horror
H - Hate the CAPTCHA [The Walking Dead Tribute]

H - Haunt Nation Magazine
H - Haunted Houses - Movies and Novels 
H - Horror After Dark
H - Horror and Beyond
H - Horror Binge
H - Horror Cabin  
H - Horror Film Fanatic
H - Horror Focus 
H - Horror-Fu 
H - The Horrifying
H - The Horror Freaks
H - Horror Habit
H - Horror Homeroom 
H - The Horror Incorporated Project
H - Horror Made 
H - Horror Movie Love
H - Horror Movie Project
H - Horror Movie Reviews
H - The Horror Society Of Orlando
H - Horroracle

H - Horror Underground
I - I Killed the Devil (Web Series)
I - Interrogating Ideology With A Chainsaw

I -  Imp of the Appalling
I - Inquisition of Darkness [Magazine]
I - I See Hungry People
I - I Want to Suck Your Blog
K - Kalem Klub
K - Kakakilabot
K - Kim Sonderholm [Horror Actor/Director]

K - Kultguy's Keep
L - Love Horror 
M - Mauvais Genre 
M - Maven's Movie Vault of Horror
M - M.G.A's Horrific Little Blog
M - Midnight Horrors  
M - Mr H's Horror Movie Blog

M - The Official Page of Author: Micah Ackerman
M - Midnight Triple Feature
M - Miss Sil Evilsnake  
M - Morbidly Beautiful
M - MonsterMartha
M - The Monster Maven 

M - Monster.Movie.TV
M - The Morbid Imagination
M - Mystery, Madness & Magic / The dark Arts of Steven Dark 
N - Nerds Die Last

N - Nick Meece
N - Nordic Fantasy 
O - Obsidian Clouds
R - The Ravings of A Sick Mind
R - Retro LadyLand 
R - The Revenant Review
R - Ruined Head 
R - Runs In Rivers
S - The Scream Review 
S - Scarylibrary
S - Scare Tissue

S - A Scary Dream
S - Scarina's Scary Vault of Scariness
S - Sempre Nerd
S - Serpenthrope
S - Shaun of the Not-so-Dead
S - A Seat on a Train

S - Silent To Hughes
S - Silverscreen Shadowplay
S - Sick Flix 
S - The Spatterday Evening Post 
S - Splatter Girl 
S - Spook and Destroy Horror Talk Radio Podcast 

S - Something Wicked AZ
S - Soundstripe
S - The Strange, Far Places
S - Strange Tales

S - Staying Scared
S - Sweetlings the Series
T - Terrorphoria
T - Terror Tuesday
T - The Terror Scope 
T - Terrible Blog for Terrible People
T - Thee Satanophile 
T - 'They Crawled Out of the Earth'
T - They're Only Shadows 
T - They Live
T - To Avoid Fainting
T - Tom H's Blog of Horror
T - Tormented Imp 
T - Trash Film Addict
U - The Unholy

U - Ulteriorità Precedente 
U - U.P. Schlock: The Good, The Bad, And The Retro 
U - Urban Legends and Horror

V - VGR Vampire Blog
W - Warren Is Weird 
W - A Wasted Life 
W - Writer, haunted
W - Writing in Starlight
Y - You May Be Dead and Dreaming 
Z - Zona De Culto



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