"WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE"?.. Need Your Donations For 2021!

WE NEED YOUR HELP IN 2021... So you can either throw a few bucks our way or the option is to "GET-A-T-SHIRT", we love the support and appreciate all that you do. T-Shirts are great quality, multiple sizes and ships around the world... what else could ask for. Please stop over to "ZOMBIE BITES" and thank Jesse for the great designs he was able to do for the Horror Blogger Alliance. Give Blood! [UPPER RIGHT CORNER]

It's been another year and with the COVID-19 floating around us all, not really sure what I can do on this site? I am going to shutdown the comments, going to make it so all you see is the active feed below this post and might pull down the sites. As I am finding most of them are DEAD, DOA or GONE and well that is just a waste. If you would like to be added to the "ACTIVE FEED" below, that is really how you might get noticed better... well because you are an active site about horror!

Jeremy [Retro]
Oh, No... Let's Go CRAZY!
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