Viking Vampires | Indiegogo [Funding]

Viking Vampires
They were caught in a grave for 1.000 years
and now they are thirsty for revenge...

We were sitting in the office one day, talking about what Norway is known for out there in the world, and the Viking era kept returning to the top of the list. The Vikings was feared all over the world, but what would be more dangerous than a Viking? [MORE INFORMATION]

Jeremy [Retro]
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The Actor: Indiegogo Campaign

Inspired by the craft of method acting and the extent an actor will go to perform a character The Actor is an indie feature film from Cape Town, made on a shoestring budget by a group of ambitious filmmakers who want to grow the South African film industry. Their budget was $4,000.00. Yup. They've just launched an Indiegogo Campaign to raise the finishing funds. With this they can take The Actor to international film markets like AFM and Cannes and bring this gem of an indie horror film to a cinema near you.

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