Horror Radar: 4/29/2010

We got some more HBA awesomeness to share with you all today!

Just in time for the release of the remake, Franco from The Film Connoisseur posted an article of the history of Freddy Krueger, from inception and birth, to the moment where he gets his dream traveling powers.

Freddy Krueger: An Unauthorized Biography or "Why is Freddy so messed up?"

Stop by Big Daddy Horror Reviews to check out his review of The Human Centipede.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

That's it folks, have a gory great day!

-The HBA

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New Blog Additions: 4/29/2010

Welcome to our newest addition to the Alliance!

Maynard Morrissey's Horror Movie Reviews

Italian Lemonade

Make sure to stop by and give this blog a read!

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The HBA Takes A Stab At: Survival of the Dead!

We got another movie for the fine members of the HBA to take a stab at and this time around it comes from one George A. Romero with his newest zombie film, Survival of the Dead! This one doesn't see a theatrical release until May 5th, but this Friday (4-30-10) the film is going to be made available on VOD through cable providers, XBOX Live, Amazon, etc… I'm sure most Romero fans interested in the movie will jump on this one in the comfort of their own home and like the new Nightmare remake, Survival will certainly be a big focus of discussion for all of us eager horror fans. See the movie, send in your review (horrorbloggeralliance@hotmail.com), and we will post it right here for every one to see!

Eat the Dead: Survival of the who?

Big Daddy Horror Reviews: Survival of the Dead

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The HBA Takes A Stab At: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010!

It's been a while since there has been any theatrical horror releases, unfortunately, but one of the biggest of the year is set to be judged heavily this coming Friday! I am of course speaking of the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, a film that is sure to spark many a conversation in the following weeks. As per usual, if you see and write up a review for the newest entry in the Nightmare series, please feel free to send us a link, along with the title of the review to the email (horrorbloggeralliance@hotmail.com), or leave that info in the comments below! Look forward to your thoughts!

Hey! Look Behind You!: Nightmare on Elm St Remake

Big Daddy Horror Reviews: A Nightmare on Elm Street

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Get ready for The Day After's next big giveaway!!

Begin preparing now HBAers, Christopher Zenga is gearing up for this month's big giveaway over at The Day After!! He will be combing through your posts and asking a random question about one of the HBA members' blogs coming up on the first of the month, so keep your eyes peeled for the big announcement in the coming days!!

-The HBA and The Day After

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New Blog Additions: 4/27/2010

Please be sure and welcome the newest members to the HBA:

Horro's Gory Reviews
Movies from the Closet

Get out there and get reading!

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Random Question of the Day

What is your favorite type of monster?

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Horror Radar: 4/27/2010

Greetings, ghouls! Here are a few more articles you will want to be sure to check out this evening as submitted by your fellow HBA members:


Christopher Zenga of The Day After and B-Sol of The Vault of Horror want to take a moment and encourage EVERYONE to pack up your love for horror films, jump in your ride and head over to Chicago for the Women in Horror 2 Film Festival

Saturday MAY 1st
5pm to 2am
Portage Theater
4050 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60641

This event is being hosted by the Chicago Horror society and be sure to track down my very good friend
BJ-C of Day of the Woman


Slammed & Damned recently posted a piece on the continuing adventures of actresses Kimberly Amato and Michelle Tomlinson. You can find it HERE!!


If you are in to things that don't suck, head on over to Things That Don't Suck for an ongoing retrospective on the Nightmare series taking place throughout the week HERE!!


Cins and Stac of Creepy Kitch are now podcasting across the web and across the world!! Visit them on iTunes and at their homepage HERE!!


Finally, be sure to get in on this excellent new contest from Strange Kids Club:

To celebrate the release of A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) in theaters on Friday, Strange Kids Club has teamed up with the unbelievably creative crew at Fright Rags to give one lucky reader a nightmarishly ghoulish Grand Prize package!

The Grand Prize
One Grand Prize winner will receive the complete Nightmare on Elm Street series on DVD (A Nightmare on Elm Street thru Freddy vs Jason) PLUS an extremely Limited Edition Nightmare on Elm Street T-Shirt courtesy of Fright Rags.

To learn more on how to win, visit Strange Kids Club and let the nightmare begin.


Thanks again and have a great night!

-The HBA

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Horror Radar: 4/24/2010

Kick off your weekend with this set of awesome posts submitted by your fellow HBA members:


Jim Townsend would like you to check out the promising new trailer for his Indie zombie effort ATTACK OF THE VEGAN ZOMBIES:


This one is sure to be an awesome, meat-free good time!


Joe Monster is looking for contributing writers who would like to join forces! The area of coverage is broad (film, television, old time radio, literature, comic books, theatre even) and any other suggestions as well. All pitches or drafts can be sent to Joe at joemonster25@yahoo.com. Joe Monster is also looking for exchange links with any horror blogs willing to do so. Spread the creepiness, brothers and sisters!


The Film Connoisseur, himself, has posted a thorough new article on killer kids in the genre, which can be found right about HERE!!


Cortez the Killer just posted a new interview with an incredible indie filmmaker, Elisabeth Fies. Her film The Commune invokes the spirit of The Wicker Man and Rosemary's Baby but is something wholly original and completely terrifying. Be sure to stop on by for the interview HERE!!


Big Daddy has launched a new article on the Revenge of the Unhappy Campers, so be sure to stop on by HERE!!


Thanks again and have a great weekend everyone,

-The HBA
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New Blog Additions: 4/24/2010

Good morning everyone, we hope you have big Horror-ible weekends planned for yourselves! Here are some great new blogs for you to check out this Saturday morning:

Gravediggers Local 16

Death Touch
The Jason Dark Series

Get out there and get reading!

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New Blog Additions: 4/20/2010

Sink your teeth in to these great new blogs tonight:

The Horror Journal
Jason Takes Portland
Countdown to Halloween

Get out there and get reading!

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Horror Radar: 4/20/2010

Heads up, everyone! Here are some great new submissions from your fellow HOA members that you will want to be sure to check out:


Strange Kids Club is holding an open call for a female staff writer to join the clubhouse on a freelance basis. In an effort to diversify the content being generated here I am seeking a writer who specializes in horror and who has a strong affinity towards pop culture nostalgia; specifically cartoons, comics, toys, games and clothing geared towards a female audience. Applicant should be an experienced blogger or writer and must provide samples.

This position will require no more than two news items and/or one featured article per week to begin. These items can be chosen at the writer's discretion but should relate to the theme of the site as described above. There is no compensation available for the position at this time (its okay, I don't get paid either), but the possibility of scoring some free swag and public notoriety from time to time does exist.

If interested in applying, please e-mail samples of your work to: strangekidsclub@gmail.com


Sarah is scaring up an awesome new Exorcist contest over at Scare Sarah, so be sure to stop by today to enter HERE!!


Big Daddy Reviews has begun a new series of articles in addition to his incredible volume of Horror reviews, check out the first entry on George A. Romero HERE!!


The one and only Andre Dumas kicked off a super awesome, wicked sweet contest that
features 50 screen grabs up for guessing. Inspired by Kindertrauma Funhouse and as a way to thank all of her readers for their kind words and comments, so stop on if you dare to show off your mad horror movie skills HERE!! Prizes Contest will end Friday at 6PM with the winners
announced shortly after.


Thanks for reading and have a ghoulish evening!

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Horror Radar 4/18/2010

We got all sorts of goodies to share with the upstanding members of the Horror Blogger Alliance today:

  • First up, Chris from over at The Day After just updated his Etsy store with some fantabulous new custom zombie portraits! Check 'em out by clicking right here


  • Next, Brandon from Big Daddy Horror Reviews is looking for a new contributor to do reviews on his blog. He is looking for someone with strong opinions to do reviews specifically for foreign films that have been released in the U.S. If any of you are interested, email Brandon at bigdaddyotb (at) spinfinder (dot) com and writing samples would be very welcome!


  • And finally, James over at Behind the Couch recently landed a major interview with a legend of the horror genre, Dario Argento. Head over to his blog to see what provocative questions James posed for the Italian auteur.


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New Blog Additions 4/17/2010

And yet another new member to the HBA family…make sure to check out this newest addition to the fold!

Super Duper Shock Cinema

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Horror Radar: 4/16/2010

iZombie has an important question that the HBA may be able to help answer:

Do Zombies Grow?

Be sure to stop by iZombie's homepage with your answers:


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Looking for a Horror writer?

Jason Stein, a fellow Horror writer who has been writing and reviewing for several years now, is looking to join a new site as a contributing member if anyone is currently in the market for a Horror writer. Please be sure to stop by his site below if you are interested in contacting him:


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New Blog Additions: 4/16/2010

Hey everyone, Friday already!! Kick off your weekend by checking out the newest HBA member blog:

From Beyond Depravity

Also, several other followers have joined who unfortunately did not have links to their URLs in their profiles, if anyone is still awaiting membership to the HBA, be sure to e-mail us at horrorbloggeralliance@hotmail.com. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

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Horror Radar: 4/11/2010

Here it is, the moment you have all be waiting for: the unveiling of the MHB "Prombie" award illustration, donated to the winners of the Mr. and Mrs. Horror Blogosphere awards ceremonies by our very own Christopher Zenga! Check out the illustrious BJC and James in their winning pose below:

Be sure to stop by The Day After for more amazing zombie art by Christopher Zenga HERE!!

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New Blog Additions: 4/11/2010

Be sure to check out these great new blogs that have just joined the HBA this Sunday morning:

Less Than 3 Film
The Embalmer's Nightmare

Get out there and get reading!

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Horror Debates: Should The Infected Be Considered Zombies?

Modern Horror has been a cause for much debate with the evolving nature and terminology of the classic zombies. Today's debate focuses on the recent trend in the fast-moving undead which have recently taken on the title "The Infected." L. Cass from Zen and the Art of Zombies has posed a striking argument in favor of The Infected joining our zombie brethren under one giant undead umbrella, while Elwood Jones of From the Depths of DVD Hell has countered with a strong case for why the two should be considered separate factions in the ongoing war against the living:

Should "The Infected" Be Considered Zombies?


Yes - L. Cass:

Definitions of zombie on the Web:

  • A dead body that has been brought back to life by a supernatural force
  • A god of voodoo cults of African origin worshipped especially in West Indies
  • automaton: someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way
  • several kinds of rum with fruit juice and usually apricot liqueur

Let’s forget about the fruit juice for now.

Asking whether the infected can be considered zombies in the traditional sense, as in a dead body that has been brought back to life by supernatural forces, then the definition does not fit at all.

In fact classifying zombies to the exact definition of the word, would make our zombie movie lists very short.

In ‘Night of the living dead’ fresh corpses rise up to consume the living, but these corpses were believed to be brought back by radiation, and not Voodoo or the supernatural.

So ‘Night of the living dead’ doesn’t have zombies?

A lot of words gain a broader and sometimes all together different definition when they partake to a particular subject, as in this case to zombie movies.

In a sense the horror movie zombie relates to the 3rd definition of the word i.e.

  • automaton: someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way

Though the Zombies in “Night of the living Dead” were initially risen corpses, the zombie disease itself is spread to new victims through bites. The components inside the zombie that cause them to rise from the dead are passed on through the saliva and blood in these bites, similar to how some known infections are actually spread. The bite sometimes acts to even accelerate the body towards death, then reanimating the corpse. Making the time spent alive after the bite, an incubation period of sorts.

The infection in ‘28 Days later’ is spread exactly the same way, except the Rage Virus doesn’t wait for the body to die before it takes effect. Also unlike the ‘Living dead’ zombies that seek living flesh, those infected with rage have but one primal instinct and that is to kill everything that is not them.

When it comes to it, what defines a zombie, regardless if it’s the "28 days later" type, or the more traditional "Of the Dead" type, is that the body lacks the higher functions of the brain (emotion, thinkings, facebook abilities) and rather concentrates on extracting your guts out as painfully as possible

As zombie movies evolve, so do the trends associated with them. In the early days of zombie cinema, there was a strong fascination with the occult. Most of the dead were forms of ancient evil or voodoo monsters, seeking to destroy the living. As the atomic age dawned, we were introduced to zombies that are brought forth by radiation.

In this genetically enhanced world, the infected are the latest trend of horror innovation, and have every right to be considered zombies.


No - Elwood Jones:

“The Infected” should not be considered to be zombies, even though they rightfully belong in the same sub-genre as their zombie brethren. Bizarre thinking I know but please allow me to explain.

Zombies are the re-animated bodies of the dead, which straightaway eliminates the infected, from being considered zombies due to the key fact that they are not actually dead, were as the infected are still alive, driven into a frenzy by the disease they carry, breaking them down mentally to the most primal of instincts, which as a result means that they share several of the same qualities as Zombies.

The infected being comparable to zombies, really came to the forefront, thanks to Danny Boyle’s “28 Days Later” which despite being marketed as a Viral thriller, thanks to horror at the time being a dirty word, was truly a zombie movie, with Boyle in various interviews comparing it to the essential zombie movie “Night of the Living Dead” while stating that zombies were just easy too to escape due to their shuffling nature, while making it kind of clear that he’d never seen “Return of the Living Dead” which was the first film to feature running zombies (as well as the lust for brains).

It could be argued that the term “The Infected” could also be applied to Zombies, seeing how the zombie infection is passed, though being bitten / scratched by a zombie, but it is only after death induced by the virus that someone actually becomes a zombie, were as with the infected the result is almost immediate, with victims being turned into frenzied beasts often within seconds. This infection also works the two very differently, with the zombie virus taking control of key parts of the brain to stimulate movements in the limbs, while pushing the zombie to continually feed and seek out a food source, where as the various viruses which create the infected, as I stated already breakdown the human mindset to it’s most primal instincts, via way of creating a chemical imbalance in the brain with one of the most obvious differences being a overwhelming desire for violence with a lack of desire to feed on flesh, meaning that if isolated they will starve to death in a few months, were as zombies can continue to live without needing to feed.

The other main difference between the two is the method of dispatching, with the infected easily killed with any large amount of trauma, caused to their bodies, while zombies can only be stopped by destroying the brain.

Still though they might not be zombies, I’d still consider the infected as being part of the same genre, in much the same way as the early zombies seen in films such as “White Zombie” which were seen as slaves doing their masters bidding, with Romero and Fulci turning them into the flesh eating horrors, most recognisable and in a way it could be seen that the infected are merely the next evolution of the zombie mythos, even though elitists will always wish to mark a line between the two groups.


Excellent arguments gentlemen, thanks again for your contributions! Now is your chance to chime in on the debate, be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below, and stop by Zen and the Art of Zombies as well as From the Depths of DVD Hell to check out L.Cass and Elwood's fantastic blogs!

Artwork Provided By: L. Cass

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Horror Radar: 4/8/2010

Good evening everyone, here are a few more hits on the Horror Radar as submitted by your fellow HBA members:


Over at In the Garden of the Death Orchids the Groundskeeper wants to know what scares you!



The Film Connoisseur recently sat down with Indie Horror director Dante Tomaselli, creator of the underground classics Desecration, Horror and Satans Playground. Be sure to check out the interview at the link below:



Radiation-Scarred Reviews will be running a Shark Week event in honor of the 35th anniversary of JAWS' release, running from June 13th to June 20th. Anyone that might be interested in contributing to the event and earning some extra exposure should be sure to visit the announcement at the link below:



The Drunken Severed Head was announced late Monday night as the "Best Blog" winner in the 8th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, in only the 2nd year that the blog category was established. (Tim Lucas' Video Watchblog won last year.)

To get in on the scandal, be sure to visit The Drunken Severed Head at the link below:



Thanks for the submissions, now get out there and get reading!

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New Blog Additions: 4/6/2010

Back again with one new blog for you this evening from one of your fellow HBA members:

Edge and Christian Picture Show

Get out there and get reading!

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Horror Radar: 4/6/2010

Good evening everyone! We have some quick announcements from your fellow HBA members to report back to you tonight:


The winner of the first The Day After horror blogger giveaway has been announced! Frog Queen from the reknowned Frog on the Pumpkin, you are this month's winner for answering correctly and having your name drawn from the list of entries!! Be sure to contact Christopher at thedayafterart@gmail.com to claim your beautiful new painting! For anyone that missed this month's giveaway, be sure to participate in Christopher's monthly giveaway hosted here through the Horror Blogger Alliance!


Resurrection Jim has recently hosted an essay comparing Rob Zombie's remake of HALLOWEEN against John Carpenter's original:



The Death Rattle has teamed up with Cinema Somnabulist for a brand new Top Five, this week taking on the Top Five Favorite Single Serving Slashers:



Get out there and get reading!!

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Horror Radar: 4/5/2010

Paracinema…The Blog has a super special giveaway for the new book, Dario Argento, by HBA member and HBA Horror Debate contributor, James Gracey of Behind the Couch fame. They have a whopping five copies of the book to giveaway, and to enter, all you need to do is pre-order issue 9 of Paracinema Magazine between April 5th & April 18th and you'll be entered to win. Click here for the details. That's one HBA member, holding a contest for a prize written by another member of the HBA and it's being plugged here, on the HBA! That is too crazy for even me to handle!

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Horror Radar: 4/4/2010

Be sure to check out these great new articles submitted by your fellow HBA members this morning:


Big Daddy Horror Reviews will be giving away a copy of Revolver Entertainment's release of TONY Tuesday evening, so be sure to stop by for your chances to win HERE!! Brandon has also posted an interview recently with genre director Katt Shea (Stripped to Kill 1 & 2, Dance of the Damned, The Rage: Carrie II), which can also be found within the site.


Thanks again and be sure to submit any site news to horrorbloggeralliance@hotmail.com for addition in to the next Horror Radar!

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New Blog Additions: 4/4/2010

Zombie Jesus asks you to check out today's new blog additions to welcome the HBA's newest members:

Big Daddy Horror Reviews
Eat the Dead

Get out there and get reading!

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Happy Zombie Jesus Day from the HBA!

Art Submitted By: Rachel Fariss

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The HBA Turns 200!!

Thanks to all of the great contributors that have made this site a growing success, the HBA is proud to announce that we are now 200 members strong! Even at 200 awesome members, there are still countless Horror blogs out there that deserve everyone's attention, and we want to send our thanks on behalf of all of the HBA staff members for the efforts each of you have made in spreading the word of this new online community base. The HBA is nothing without its members, keep up the good work and welcome to all of our newest members,

-The HBA Staff

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New Blog Additions: 4/3/2010

Be sure to check out each of these great new blogs this weekend between your fiendish Horror viewing:

Wonderful Wonderblog
Deck the Holidays
The Zombie Review
Post-Mortem Depression
Zombie Zady

Get out there and get reading!

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Horror Radar: 4/3/2010

Good morning and happy Saturday to everyone, we have a few submissions for you this morning from some of your fellow HBA members:


Cinezilla just published a piece on the controversial Japanese movie GROTESQUE that you may find interesting as he takes on the UK censors' motivation for banning the movie outright and suppressing freedom of speech:


Christopher Zenga of The Day After who is also an acclaimed artist has an interview running with BuyZombie.com at the following link:


Also, the winner of the first art giveaway for The Day After's HBA blogger contest will be launched shortly, so those of you that participated be sure to check back to see who the lucky winner is!


Thanks again and enjoy Zombie Jesus Day with your friends and family!

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New Blog Additions: 4/1/2010

We have one great new blog addition for everyone tonight:

Ghost Stories and Haunted Places

Get out there and get reading!

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Horror Hookups

Hey HBAers! K-Fleet from over at Sideshow Review informed us that he's going to be attending the Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas on April 30 through May 2nd. He's looking to see if any of you cool as ice fellow bloggers are planning on attending, and if so, are any of you interested in hooking up for a drink or some movie chatter, or maybe even both! You can either leave a comment below, or K-Fleet okayed posting his email if you are interested. kfleet1(at)cox.net

On that note, K-Fleet has good timing, as I had very recently thought that the HBA would be the perfect place for nearby horror bloggers to connect so we can all meet up at things like conventions, special screenings and things of that nature. So, if you are going to be at an upcoming convention, or a special screening, and want to hang with some fellow horror nerds, then shoot us an email (horrorbloggeralliance@hotmail.com) and we can post something about it. There truly is no better time than hanging out with like minded people!

HBA and The Day After Art Giveaway #1!!

Good morning once again Horror Bloggers! Today, the HBA is proud to announce our first giveaway in conjunction with Christopher Zenga from the Horror art blog The Day After to offer a brand new giveaway and a great new way to get everyone motivated and reading each of the fantastic blogs the HBA has to offer! The rules are simple: Christopher has screened through each of the HBA member blogs and selected ONE post made by an HBA member. He has hyper linked to that post so just click the bloggers name and your off! Christopher posted a question about the post at The Day After and EVERYONE has the opportunity to search for the post and answer the question before 12:01AM April 2nd in order to win this beautiful prize donated and designed by Christopher, himself:

Get out there and get reading before the end of the day, and the best of luck to everyone!

-The HBA and The Day After

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