HBA and The Day After Art Giveaway #1!!

Good morning once again Horror Bloggers! Today, the HBA is proud to announce our first giveaway in conjunction with Christopher Zenga from the Horror art blog The Day After to offer a brand new giveaway and a great new way to get everyone motivated and reading each of the fantastic blogs the HBA has to offer! The rules are simple: Christopher has screened through each of the HBA member blogs and selected ONE post made by an HBA member. He has hyper linked to that post so just click the bloggers name and your off! Christopher posted a question about the post at The Day After and EVERYONE has the opportunity to search for the post and answer the question before 12:01AM April 2nd in order to win this beautiful prize donated and designed by Christopher, himself:

Get out there and get reading before the end of the day, and the best of luck to everyone!

-The HBA and The Day After

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Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

What a cool idea! Thanks everyone. Off to check it out.


Chante said...

Wait, I don't get how to do it...I will try and figure it out by the time the next contest roles around...hehe