Horror Hookups

Hey HBAers! K-Fleet from over at Sideshow Review informed us that he's going to be attending the Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas on April 30 through May 2nd. He's looking to see if any of you cool as ice fellow bloggers are planning on attending, and if so, are any of you interested in hooking up for a drink or some movie chatter, or maybe even both! You can either leave a comment below, or K-Fleet okayed posting his email if you are interested. kfleet1(at)cox.net

On that note, K-Fleet has good timing, as I had very recently thought that the HBA would be the perfect place for nearby horror bloggers to connect so we can all meet up at things like conventions, special screenings and things of that nature. So, if you are going to be at an upcoming convention, or a special screening, and want to hang with some fellow horror nerds, then shoot us an email (horrorbloggeralliance@hotmail.com) and we can post something about it. There truly is no better time than hanging out with like minded people!


Anonymous said...

It's possible that I might be attending. I live 2 hours away from there and perhaps might be able to talk the hubby into going. It's not set in stone yet, but should be in the few days. I doubt I'll be going the whole weekend, though. Probably only 1 day.

Clarence Dass said...

Look me up if any of you are ever in Fiji :P

Zach S. said...

anyone one East Coast, specifically New York, hit me up. Monster Mania come August??