Horror Radar: 4/24/2010

Kick off your weekend with this set of awesome posts submitted by your fellow HBA members:


Jim Townsend would like you to check out the promising new trailer for his Indie zombie effort ATTACK OF THE VEGAN ZOMBIES:


This one is sure to be an awesome, meat-free good time!


Joe Monster is looking for contributing writers who would like to join forces! The area of coverage is broad (film, television, old time radio, literature, comic books, theatre even) and any other suggestions as well. All pitches or drafts can be sent to Joe at joemonster25@yahoo.com. Joe Monster is also looking for exchange links with any horror blogs willing to do so. Spread the creepiness, brothers and sisters!


The Film Connoisseur, himself, has posted a thorough new article on killer kids in the genre, which can be found right about HERE!!


Cortez the Killer just posted a new interview with an incredible indie filmmaker, Elisabeth Fies. Her film The Commune invokes the spirit of The Wicker Man and Rosemary's Baby but is something wholly original and completely terrifying. Be sure to stop on by for the interview HERE!!


Big Daddy has launched a new article on the Revenge of the Unhappy Campers, so be sure to stop on by HERE!!


Thanks again and have a great weekend everyone,

-The HBA
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Anonymous said...

Attack of the Vegan Zombies looks great! Fun poster too!