Horror Radar 4/18/2010

We got all sorts of goodies to share with the upstanding members of the Horror Blogger Alliance today:

  • First up, Chris from over at The Day After just updated his Etsy store with some fantabulous new custom zombie portraits! Check 'em out by clicking right here


  • Next, Brandon from Big Daddy Horror Reviews is looking for a new contributor to do reviews on his blog. He is looking for someone with strong opinions to do reviews specifically for foreign films that have been released in the U.S. If any of you are interested, email Brandon at bigdaddyotb (at) spinfinder (dot) com and writing samples would be very welcome!


  • And finally, James over at Behind the Couch recently landed a major interview with a legend of the horror genre, Dario Argento. Head over to his blog to see what provocative questions James posed for the Italian auteur.


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