Dire Warnings: The Void

Jesse Campbell here from Zombie BitesJeremy has invited me to the HBA to do some posting.  I promise to try my best to be entertaining and bring you some fresh horror as often as possible.  If I can't bring you something fresh, I'll at least post something weird and off putting.  With Dire Warnings, I'll be covering the gamut of horror from movies and fiction to comics and games or whatever horrible thing happens across my path.  I'll also be turning my focus to the HBA itself with a spotlight on different member blogs.  Right now I'm aiming for a monthly frequency, but if I come across something that simply cannot wait, I may post more often than that.

"There is a Hell.  This is worse."  The thing that is on fire for me right now is an upcoming horror movie: The Void.  The creators of Manborg, Father's Day, and the "W is for Wish" segment of ABC's of Death 2 are working together again to bring us this agressively unsettling piece.  If you don't know anything about The Void, drop by the indiegogo page and take a gander.  The creators are running a campaign to fund the creature effects for the movie.  Here is a creepy poster image for the film to whet your appetite, but be sure to check out the disturbing campaign trailer.

That's all for now.  I'll see you in thirty, but until then, you've been warned.