Horror Radar: 5/11/2010

Once again we have some more horrible happenings going on at a few of our fellow HBA member's blogs, and we are here to share them with you all!

The handsome and fascinating, Matt-suzaka over at Chuck Norris Ate My Baby has a MASSIVE contest/blogathon that was just announced yesterday. It's called the Chuck Norris Ate My Blog Contest, and much like a blogathon, to enter, you have to do some sort of post about anything that is Chuck Norris related between May 24th and May 30th. After that time period, the top three most creative and entertaining posts will be picked as the winners, with one of those winners getting the grand prize and the other two getting the runner-up prizes. So that is three chances to win prizes for the small price of having fun!

Stop by Chuck Norris Ate My Baby for all the boring details.


Shelly from ShellHawk's Creations has some jack-o-lantern pots for sale on her Etsy site, including some special Raku jackos. They look great and it is never too early to get ideas and new decorations for Halloween!

Click here and check out what there is to spook up your house with next season!

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