Horror Radar: 5/4/2010

Got a whole bunch of stuff to share with all of you lovely HBAers!

First up and most importantly, Johnny Metro from Midnight Media is asking the horror blogging community to help him out with a very important cause. One of Johnny's best friends recently lost his mother to brain cancer – there will be a Marathon held by the American Brain Tumor Association in October to help raise money for support/research and patient/family support programs of ABTA. Johnny is looking to get donations for the marathon and every dollar donated will be matched by the Chicago Marathon.

Please stop by Midnight Media for more details and if you can, extend a helping had to one of our friends.  



Starting Monday May 10th and running until Saturday May 16th, participating blogs will be contributing to "Blair Week" a carefully planned strategic operation calculated to saturate the target area with Linda Blair.
Monday May 10:Lost Video Archive - Savage Streets
Satan's Hope Chest - Chained Heat and Savage Island
Camp Movie Camp - Grotesque
The Horror Section - Hell Night
Full Moon Reviews - Bailout
Illogical Contraption gets Repossessed
Lines That Makes Things drops original Linda inspired artwork
Breakfast In the Ruins - Exorcist II
B Movies and Beyond - Summer of Fear
Camp Movie Camp - Nightforce
The Manchester Morgue - Rollerboogie
Happy Otter - The Chilling
Ninja Dixon - The Witchery
Lost Video Archive - Born Innocent
Unflinching Eye wraps it up with a look at Linda's fall from grace.


Lastly, there is a giveaway going on over at Big Daddy Horror Reviews where readers can get the chance to win a copy of the newest Dario Argento box set! The giveaway is in conjunction with the Big Daddy Horror Review's Facebook fan page and the box set includes the films: Phenomena, The Card Player, Trauma, Tenebre, and Do You Like Hitchcock?

Click here to learn more.

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Unknown said...

I am wondering, I have been submitting a lot of things for you guys to post links to and not one has shown up, are my emails not getting to you?

Matt-suzaka said...

I haven't seen any at all from you, unless you are sending ones that say we won $1,000,000!

Try it again and I'll keep my eye open for it...if it works.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this for me, guys. It really means a lot to me.


Jeremy [Retro] said...

all sounds blair-awesome.... heart out to your friend jonny metro....