HBA and The Day After Art Giveaway #2!!

The HBA in conjunction with The Day After Art is proud to announce the second monthly art giveaway!! Read on for the terrifying details in order to win an original piece of Horror art from The Day After's own Christopher Zenga, and be sure to stop by The Day After Art for more excellent artwork:


Hey boys and ghouls,

Welcome to the 2nd art print give away contest. If you want to win a copy of Scary IronMan, numbered and signed by yours truly just answer this question. I paid a visit to Twisted Flicks today and read a wonderful post

In this post about the movie Life Blood, we learn that God is not only a woman but a.......?

Now head over to Twisted Flicks to read the post for yourself Then, come back and post your answer. You have 24 hours to submit an answer, and all players who posted correctly will have their names put into a hat for a random draw.

SO, get out there, experience a new horror blog and win some art.

Later days,

Chrstopher- - -

All original artwork on this blog (c) Chris Zenga.
This artwork is under a Creative Commons Licence.
See The Day After for details.

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