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13 Chills: Grand Prize Announced!

What are they looking at, 
they have their own score release!!
So really all you have to do is visit the scheduled days, read the great review, make a comment and be entered in weekly giveaways... then at the end of the month... be part of the big "Friday the 13th" score box set that features 1 to 6 films... by Harry Manfredini giveaway. The question isn't if you believe it, the question is why haven't you clicked... "13 CHILLS".

10/03, Wed - FRIGHT NIGHT - Brad Fiedel
10/05, Fri - MISERY - Marc Shaiman
10/08, Mon - THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH - David Lee
10/10, Wed - SISTERS - Bernard Herrmann
10/12, Fri - THE FLY - Howard Shore
10/15, Mon - INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS - Denny Zeitlin
10/17, Wed - GHOST STORY - Philippe Sarde
10/19, Fri - The House of the Devil - Jeff Grace
10/22, Mon - THE WOLFMAN - Hans J. Salter and Frank Skinner
10/24, Wed - Carnival of Souls - Gene Moore
10/26, Fri - FROM HELL - Trevor Jones
10/29, Mon - BLACK SUNDAY - Roberto Nicolosi/Les Baxter

Happy Halloween - Horror Blogger Alliance

October [2012]

Please put all your upcoming events here...
Let everyone know what you are doing!!

HBA MILESTONE: 100,000 views

We reached and surpassed the 100,000 views here at the HBA and what a wonderful time to celebrate in this Halloween month. Thanks to all the existing members and to the new members, we couldn't reach this without all of you.

 Make the click to see "13 CHILLS" and follow to the day...

Thanks to everyone!
HBA Curator

Musical Interlude and the 13 Chills

Make the click to see "13 CHILLS" and follow to the day...

October Madness and 13 Chills...

Halfway There!!
First, we have had a huge group added on this month, it's only the middle of the month... I only have a little time to share the list, these new HBA Members will be added to the master list soon. I just wanted to get them out to you the rest of the group.
Comin' At Cha...Cha... Cha!!
Second, I now you have been thinking about stopping over to the "13 Chills" brought to you by "Howlin' Wolf Records"... it's more than halfway done. So stop thinking and start clicking over right now, great things are happening. 

Third, if you go visit this list of newbies, let them know where you came from and you are glad they are members... these sites are deep in the scary stuff. Lots of cool stuff going on for the Halloween month and I am sure much more to come.
Thanks everyone!
HBA Curator 

List of the newest HBA Members:
Dead Ends Zombie Stories

Zombie Survivors Blog
King Vulture

The Other Side

Isaacs Picture Conclusions
ei (THE IPC)

Books of the Dead Press

The Roadside Revenant's Rot and Roll Revival
Roadside Revenant
Weird Girl

Bloody Banana Peels

A Haunting on the Screen

Reel Bloody

The Evil von Scarry Show
Evil von Scarry

Digital Macabre

Book of Monsters
A Briggs

Jack Is Writing

Creepy Glowbugg Concoctions
Creepy Glo

Samhain Sunrise


13 Days of CHILLS by: Howlin' Wolf Records and new Header!

I think I have finally locked down how I would like to see this place, we have come so far together as a horror community, so what do you think. Second why haven't you all gone over to see "13 Chills", the first set of prizes have been listed and more to come. So please stop over to see what cool stuff is happening and let me know what you think of the new HBA Header!

Thank you!
Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
HBA Curator

13 Days of CHILLS by: Howlin' Wolf Records

Howlin' Wolf Records & Jason Comerford present a 3rd season of 13 CHILLS: Commentary, PRIZES, and good ole October Mayhem. Leave a comment, read a little something interesting and win some prizes. Here is the schedule for the upcoming days for the whole month, you have to click in to see what is on those days... I am not going to tell!!

Day 01 - October 03, Wednesday - FRIGHT NIGHT
Day 02 - October 05, Friday
Day 03 - October 08, Monday
Day 04 - October 10, Wednesday
Day 05 - October 12, Friday
Day 06 - October 15, Monday
Day 07 - October 17, Wednesday
Day 08 - October 19, Friday
Day 09 - October 22, Monday
Day 10 - October 24, Wednesday
Day 11 - October 26, Friday
Day 12 - October 29, Monday
Day 13 - October 31, Wednesday

-Jeremy [Retro]

31 Days of Horror: Day 2-- Librarians Meet The Horror Blogger Alliance

You have missed it but HBA Member Becky [RA for All: Horror] is running "31 Days of Horror" and we got a mention and a nice write up from me about us. Please stop over and read all the days she will be posting and look at "OUR" contribution.

Thanks have a gore-ious day!
Jeremy [Retro]
HBA Curator

HBA: GOLD MEMBER and Sponsor News!

First bit of news from member "The Sky Has Fallen" is the latest member to reach "Gold Member" status and they wanted me to mention their "Giveaway", so here you go... [CLICK HERE] and I wanted to thank you them for their donation.

Second, you may not be aware of something called "Countdown To Halloween" so I thought I would tell you they come around once a year and like us group all the great sites devoted to scary. Their list gets longer every year and I am thrilled every year, so please stop over I am sure some of you are part of the fun.

Third up is our sponsor "Howlin Wolf Records" will be holding it's 3rd season of "13 CHILLS": Commentary, PRIZES, and good ole October Mayhem. THE FUN STARTS WEDNESDAY, OCT 3! I will try to have the schedule for that as it goes, so as I get news so will you. I just suggest you "Bookmark" their page, as you know I get forgetful... wait what was I saying?

And Last the Howlin' Wolf Records folks wanted me to mention their 12th Score Release "A WARRIOR'S ODYSSEY" by Hollywood composer Penka Kouneva (MIDNIGHT MOVIE and PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE FORGOTTEN SANDS game). A musical odyssey inspired by the traditions of film music and contemporary video games using a conceptual narrative rather than visuals. The album features 18 tracks: Epic Battle Themes interspersed with Heart-Felt Interludes.

Welcome New HBA Members... [10-01-12]

Okay, there are many new HBA Members and you all should check them out, as always "New Members" check to see you are on the list correctly. The new master list is available at top right above the "Donation Button".

Welcome... New HBA Members and I wanted to let you know that we have a great group being added... and mind you early. We are closing in to "Halloween", some of us a
re planing big stuff... what are you doing something for the one day or even better the whole month of October.
I wanted to let you know it's never to late to order your "HBA T-SHIRT", hell it could be it's own costume.. so follow the link above. What are you waiting for, us to get really scary?

Thank you!
Jeremy [Retro]
HBA Curator 
List of the newest HBA Members:
Horror Junkies
Get Jack'd!
Jack Wallen
Watching The Dead
Steve [Watching The Dead]
Dollar Theater Massacre
Misty's Mind Game
Asian Horror Flicks

Reapers With Issues