HBA: GOLD MEMBER and Sponsor News!

First bit of news from member "The Sky Has Fallen" is the latest member to reach "Gold Member" status and they wanted me to mention their "Giveaway", so here you go... [CLICK HERE] and I wanted to thank you them for their donation.

Second, you may not be aware of something called "Countdown To Halloween" so I thought I would tell you they come around once a year and like us group all the great sites devoted to scary. Their list gets longer every year and I am thrilled every year, so please stop over I am sure some of you are part of the fun.

Third up is our sponsor "Howlin Wolf Records" will be holding it's 3rd season of "13 CHILLS": Commentary, PRIZES, and good ole October Mayhem. THE FUN STARTS WEDNESDAY, OCT 3! I will try to have the schedule for that as it goes, so as I get news so will you. I just suggest you "Bookmark" their page, as you know I get forgetful... wait what was I saying?

And Last the Howlin' Wolf Records folks wanted me to mention their 12th Score Release "A WARRIOR'S ODYSSEY" by Hollywood composer Penka Kouneva (MIDNIGHT MOVIE and PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE FORGOTTEN SANDS game). A musical odyssey inspired by the traditions of film music and contemporary video games using a conceptual narrative rather than visuals. The album features 18 tracks: Epic Battle Themes interspersed with Heart-Felt Interludes.

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