New Blog Additions: 5/30/2010

Don't forget to add this great new Horror Blog to your daily reader this evening:

The Bleaux Leaux Reveaux

Get out there and get reading!

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Horror Radar: 5/30/2010

Hey Horror fiends, we have several new announcements for you this evening from your fellow Horror Bloggers:


Director Warren Speed will be seeing the release of his new film ZOMBIE WOMEN OF SATAN in the coming months, so to promote the upcoming release, Strike Media Limited is hosting the official Miss Zombie Queen 2010 beauty contest in the UK!! Check out the promo below for additional information:

Bigdaddy Horror Reviews has several new and exciting articles out this weekend, the first featuring the greatest VHS covers to grace the genre, and the second which is dedicated to the hit children's Horror show Are You Afraid of the Dark! Head over HERE and HERE to read on!! If you are feeling particularly daring, also be sure to check out their interview with the star/director of The Wrong House, Shawn French, at the following link as well:


Thanks again and have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

-The HBA

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Interested in Joining the HBA Staff??

Hey again everyone! We hope you are enjoying the start of your long holiday weekends, and hopefully each of you have a weekend full of Horror planned for yourselves!!

The HBA has amassed a huge number of Horror bloggers that are each dedicated to their sites and reviews, which has been a great experience for all of those involved. Unfortunately, this newly united group has not been fully taken advantage of due to a lack of time and availability. One of our staffers has recently lost their primary work computer, while others are entrenched in school and various other writing projects.

As such, we would like to welcome volunteers that are interested in taking over some of the various responsibilities on the HBA, and hopefully enlist a few new dedicated writers that have new ideas for group projects and events to boost morale and create more interlinking features in order to bring HBA members together once again!

Thanks for your contributions, and we look forward to adding a few new faces on the staff,

-The HBA

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New Horror Blog: 5/22/2010

Please be sure to welcome today's new addition to the HBA:


Thanks for joining and get reading!

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Horror Radar: 5/22/2010

Good morning everyone, we have a few weekend announcements for you this morning from your fellow HBA members:


Things That Don't Suck will be kicking off a Christopher Nolan blogothon that will be running from July 11th through the 17th, and they are welcoming anyone with a love and passion for Nolan's films to stop by and participate by linking to their film reviews are articles devoted to the man, himself. We have included a banner below, but be sure to stop by the blogothon announcement HERE for more excellent banners and for additional information on the event:


Watching Hammer: The Hammer Films Review is now running a semi-regular 'Top Ten Tuesday' post, where an invited guest gets to name their top ten Hammer films and share why. The feature is not necessarily the 'best' films, but those which are personal favourites, for whatever reason.

Ted Newsom (of 'Flesh and Blood: The Hammer Heritage of Horror' and '100 Years of Horror' fame, amongst others) submitted the first piece, which anyone with an interest in Hammer should be sure to check out HERE!!


Thanks again and have a Horrorible weekend!

-The HBA

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Horror Radar: 5/19/2010

One quick announcement tonight from your fellow HBA members:

Blog of a Dead Dreamer is doing a give-away for both 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' and 'Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters' on CD. The drawing will be held on June 1st. Be sure to check out Blog of a Dead Dreamer for the complete list of rules and to enter to win:

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New Blog Additions: 5/19/2010

Brace yourselves for more ghoulish delights tonight with the new blog additions to the HBA:

Il Manuale Del Machete
Popcereal's Bad Ronald
Oh My God! Ninja...
Artwork By Living Dead Girl Nicole
Monster Beauty

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

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Horror Radar: 5/13/2010

Check out these great new submissions or perish:

The Film Connoseir posted a hunormous post on ESP and telekinesis within the genre that is sure to blow your mind HERE!!


ShellHawk has several beautiful Jack 'O Lantern pots for sale on Etsy that you can bring home by clicking HERE!!


Slammed and Damned wants you to stop by and check out an in-depth article and summation of all of Devi Snively's short films, so be head on over HERE as well!!


Thanks again and get reading!

-The HBA

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New Blog Additions: 5/13/2010

Get your read on with these awesome new Horror blogs joining the HBA this evening:

The Zed Word
Monster Movie World
Monster Magazine World
Nefarious Films Screenwriting Diary
Re-Animated States of America
Unfilmable Films
Trixie's Treats

Get out there and get reading!

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Random Question of the Day

What is your favorite long running Horror series?

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Even MORE New HBA Badges!

iZombie has unleashed the madness once more this afternoon with another brand new batch of HBA badges for anyone to claim! Collect them all to form the Super Ultra Mega Badge:

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Horror Radar: 5/11/2010

Once again we have some more horrible happenings going on at a few of our fellow HBA member's blogs, and we are here to share them with you all!

The handsome and fascinating, Matt-suzaka over at Chuck Norris Ate My Baby has a MASSIVE contest/blogathon that was just announced yesterday. It's called the Chuck Norris Ate My Blog Contest, and much like a blogathon, to enter, you have to do some sort of post about anything that is Chuck Norris related between May 24th and May 30th. After that time period, the top three most creative and entertaining posts will be picked as the winners, with one of those winners getting the grand prize and the other two getting the runner-up prizes. So that is three chances to win prizes for the small price of having fun!

Stop by Chuck Norris Ate My Baby for all the boring details.


Shelly from ShellHawk's Creations has some jack-o-lantern pots for sale on her Etsy site, including some special Raku jackos. They look great and it is never too early to get ideas and new decorations for Halloween!

Click here and check out what there is to spook up your house with next season!

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New HBA Badge is Available!

Rondal from Ghostlabs and the Strange Kids Club did up a truly kickass new badge for all of us HBA members to use on our blogs!
Looks great and thanks a million to Randal for his fine work!
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Horror Radar: 5/10/2010

"Goooood Eeeeevening..."
::in our worst Alfred Hitchcock impression::

Hey everyone! Check out these great new posts as submitted by your fellow HBA members:
Italian Lemonade has begun a new poll for readers to vote on which film will kick off the month-long Giallo marathon (beginning Sunday, May 16th). Be sure to stop by and cast your vote by visiting HERE!!
I Like Horror Movies is hosting a give-away for 2 FREE passes to Creation Entertainment's Weekend of Horrors 2010 being held at the Marriott LAX conference center open to anyone on the web that can attend the event! Click HERE to stop by today and enter!!
Thanks again and keep reading!

-The HBA

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New Blog Additions: 5/10/2010

Kick off your week with more great Horror reads as we announce the newest members to the HBA:

Bloody Terror
Dead of Night Radio
Dekadent Dolls
The Celluloid Highway
Guardians of the Genre!
Breakfast in the Ruins
Night of the Liberal Dead
Mother Firefly's Faster Pussy Cats
Old Spooky House
Atomic Fox
Back in '81
Information Review


If we have missed anyone over the last week, please shoot in an e-mail to Now get out there and get reading!

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Random Question of the Day

Who is your favorite supporting Horror character?

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Horror Radar: 5/9/2010

Greetings ghouls, wishing everyone a great work week this Sunday evening! From Beyond Depraved has set up your last rest stop of sanity before you head back in to the daily grind:

Stop by From Beyond Depraved for a new feature: Bad Issue creates comic book panels from screenshots taken from a range of classic genre films. It has a very MST3K feel to it. The most recent edition is the Paul Naschy/Waldemar Daninsky vehicle "Frankenstein's Bloody Terror." Follow the link below to stop by and check it out:

Thanks again and be sure to submit any of your news updates to horrorbloggeralliance@hotmailcom!

-The HBA

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New Blog Additions: 5/8/2010

Halloween Addict

Lets all take a second to welcome the newest member to the HBA! 

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Horror Radar: 5/08/2010

We have radar galore in today's Horror Radar, so take a moment and check out what our fellow HBAers have going on at their blogs!

2VS8 over at Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers has a two part interview with Jack Messitt, director of Midnight Movie. Stop by and check out the interview, leave a comment and keep an eye out as he plans on doing even more interviews in the near future!

Jack Messitt Interview


Cinezilla has a post up pitting one Andrei Tarkovsky against Lucio Fulci. Was Tarkovsky influenced by the wild man Fulci? Check out this great post to find out!

  Andrei Tarkovsky vs. Lucio Fulci


Lastly, Cortez over at Planet of Terror has a double dose of news for us.  First up, Cortez needs someone with mad skills to create a flyer to help promote some independent films that he will be presenting at the annual Seattle Horror Convention. He has made it into a contest, and the one who comes up with the best design will win the following:

- A one year subscription to the raddest horror magazine on the planet: HorrorHound
- A Fright Rags t-shirt of your choosing
- Another 'surprise' prize (believe me, it will be good)

All artwork will need to be submitted by no later than 5/20 and sent to: jcorty28 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Click here for details.

Also, there is a big announcement over at Planet of Terror concerning the return of the Meet the Horror Blogger series.

Stop by to find out exactly what it is… 

That's it folks, have a great weekend, and to all you mothers out there, have a great mother's day!

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Horror Radar: 5/4/2010

Got a whole bunch of stuff to share with all of you lovely HBAers!

First up and most importantly, Johnny Metro from Midnight Media is asking the horror blogging community to help him out with a very important cause. One of Johnny's best friends recently lost his mother to brain cancer – there will be a Marathon held by the American Brain Tumor Association in October to help raise money for support/research and patient/family support programs of ABTA. Johnny is looking to get donations for the marathon and every dollar donated will be matched by the Chicago Marathon.

Please stop by Midnight Media for more details and if you can, extend a helping had to one of our friends.  



Starting Monday May 10th and running until Saturday May 16th, participating blogs will be contributing to "Blair Week" a carefully planned strategic operation calculated to saturate the target area with Linda Blair.
Monday May 10:Lost Video Archive - Savage Streets
Satan's Hope Chest - Chained Heat and Savage Island
Camp Movie Camp - Grotesque
The Horror Section - Hell Night
Full Moon Reviews - Bailout
Illogical Contraption gets Repossessed
Lines That Makes Things drops original Linda inspired artwork
Breakfast In the Ruins - Exorcist II
B Movies and Beyond - Summer of Fear
Camp Movie Camp - Nightforce
The Manchester Morgue - Rollerboogie
Happy Otter - The Chilling
Ninja Dixon - The Witchery
Lost Video Archive - Born Innocent
Unflinching Eye wraps it up with a look at Linda's fall from grace.


Lastly, there is a giveaway going on over at Big Daddy Horror Reviews where readers can get the chance to win a copy of the newest Dario Argento box set! The giveaway is in conjunction with the Big Daddy Horror Review's Facebook fan page and the box set includes the films: Phenomena, The Card Player, Trauma, Tenebre, and Do You Like Hitchcock?

Click here to learn more.

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Horror Radar: 5/1/2010

We got a quick Horror radar for you all this evening. Over at Planet of Terror, Cortez the Killer posted an interview with the makers of Blood on the Highway. It's a vampire comedy that's actually funny. A movie for fans of The Evil Dead, Dead Alive, and Darkness: The Vampire Version. Click here to check it out!

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New Blog Additions: 5/1/2010

Hey boys and ghouls, it's a new month and along with that new month, we got us a few new members to add to the HBA!

Thrill Fiction

Halloween Overkill

Let's make these new additions feel welcome, and check out their blogs! 

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HBA and The Day After Art Giveaway #2!!

The HBA in conjunction with The Day After Art is proud to announce the second monthly art giveaway!! Read on for the terrifying details in order to win an original piece of Horror art from The Day After's own Christopher Zenga, and be sure to stop by The Day After Art for more excellent artwork:


Hey boys and ghouls,

Welcome to the 2nd art print give away contest. If you want to win a copy of Scary IronMan, numbered and signed by yours truly just answer this question. I paid a visit to Twisted Flicks today and read a wonderful post

In this post about the movie Life Blood, we learn that God is not only a woman but a.......?

Now head over to Twisted Flicks to read the post for yourself Then, come back and post your answer. You have 24 hours to submit an answer, and all players who posted correctly will have their names put into a hat for a random draw.

SO, get out there, experience a new horror blog and win some art.

Later days,

Chrstopher- - -

All original artwork on this blog (c) Chris Zenga.
This artwork is under a Creative Commons Licence.
See The Day After for details.

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