The HBA Takes A Stab At: Clash of the Titans

The theaters have managed to steer clear of any major Horror releases since SHUTTER ISLAND, but with CLASH OF THE TITANS now appearing on screens across the country we want to be sure and see what everyone thought of the film! Please be sure to submit your reviews for CLASH OF THE TITANS to or in the comments below so that other readers can be sure and read them:


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Clarence Dass said...

I went to watch an early screening of this with my mates and my girl friend today. Just as the movie was about to start there was a power black out.

We waited for an hour and watched a whole bunch of people leave. Finally we left too.

It was kinda creepy/ cool though cause the whole city was blacked out. I was just waiting for someone to scream out "he bit me dude WTF!?"

Didn't happen :(

...very disappointing night.