Horror Radar: 3/1/2010

Here are some new updates submitted to you by your fellow HBA members:

iZombie is taking commissions for anyone that is interested in having their portrait transformed into a brain-munching iZombie! Head on over to iZombie Lover for more information:


I Like Horror Movies has opened up a new clothing storefront! Discount codes are available for 22% off of two or more shirts (TWOTWENTYTWO) or 10% off of one piece of apparel (TSHIRTS10OFF):


The online Horror reader Lunatic has completed its run and is available in its entirety over at Lunatic - The Movie:


Have some news for your fellow HBA members? Submit your special events and news to horrorbloggeralliance@hotmail.com!

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1 comment:

Jeremy [Retro] said...

i feel like one of those guys at a carnival who does portraits... where you have a big head and little body. but i am in the haunted house and i ain't making smiles...

thanks for all the support!

and great success with the apparel...