Putting a Face To The Blog - Zachary, The Lightning Bug's Lair

In the horror blogging universe, he goes by the name T.L. Bugg and she goes by the name Ms. Directed. In the real world, they're a lovely married couple with very normal names. Here are Zachary and Kathy from The Lightning Bug's Lair and Sinful Cinema.


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Will Errickson said...

Getting a "Not Found" message for Sinful Cinema.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Thanks for posting the pic guys!

Johnny said...

Will - Not sure why SinfulCinema.com isn't working, but you can listen to all the Sinful Cinema podcast episodes at Lightning Bug's Lair =)

Matt-suzaka said...

I know that they aren't doing Sinful Cinema episodes anymore, so that could be the reason for the link not working. You can find the episodes that they did at either the Buggs' page, or at Midnight Confessions.

Also, the Bugg and lady Bugg are awesome!