Horror Radar: 3/22/2010

Check out these great new submissions from your fellow members here at the HBA:


Christopher Zenga has finished his initial sketch in this world premiere of the Mr. and Mrs. Horror Blogosphere painting designed after the respective winners of the individual Horror Blogger awards! Check out the first draft below:


Slammed and Damned has also released an excellent retrospective on Horror host Count Floyd, which can be found here!


For more great articles, be sure to check out all of the HBA member blogs in the directory to the right, and have a great week!

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Matt-suzaka said...

Christopher's work is just fantastic!

Christopher Zenga said...

Thanks Matt. These custom illustrations are great fun to do.

Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...

LOVE the sketch!!

Christopher Zenga said...

Thanks for the kind words Te*

I will also be doing a "print give away" contest all spring and summer long, so if you like my art you may just win a print of your very own.