New Blog Additions: 3/4/2010

Here are your new blog reads for Thursday, March 4th:

Pat Tillett has begun a new blog with darker sensibilities, and has provided the HBA with a sample of the prose and poetry that can be found at Lusus Naturae:

Snowy laden, frosty weight
Heavy hinges, iron gate
Steamy breathing, icy tears
Crystal clarity, hidden fears
Acid bile, stark pure dread
Deep blue fear, living dead
Tilted gray markers, hammered names
Deep dark thoughts, wormed remains
Coal black raven, lifeless eyes
Oil fired lantern, shroud demise
Flutter movement, scurry scratch
Shudder whine, rusty latch
Bone sinew fingers, skyward reaching
Dead stop heart, vomitus leeching
Dank breath exhale, silent scream
Loose bowel pinch, nightmare dream

Get out there and get reading!!

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