Horror Radar: 4/20/2010

Heads up, everyone! Here are some great new submissions from your fellow HOA members that you will want to be sure to check out:


Strange Kids Club is holding an open call for a female staff writer to join the clubhouse on a freelance basis. In an effort to diversify the content being generated here I am seeking a writer who specializes in horror and who has a strong affinity towards pop culture nostalgia; specifically cartoons, comics, toys, games and clothing geared towards a female audience. Applicant should be an experienced blogger or writer and must provide samples.

This position will require no more than two news items and/or one featured article per week to begin. These items can be chosen at the writer's discretion but should relate to the theme of the site as described above. There is no compensation available for the position at this time (its okay, I don't get paid either), but the possibility of scoring some free swag and public notoriety from time to time does exist.

If interested in applying, please e-mail samples of your work to: strangekidsclub@gmail.com


Sarah is scaring up an awesome new Exorcist contest over at Scare Sarah, so be sure to stop by today to enter HERE!!


Big Daddy Reviews has begun a new series of articles in addition to his incredible volume of Horror reviews, check out the first entry on George A. Romero HERE!!


The one and only Andre Dumas kicked off a super awesome, wicked sweet contest that
features 50 screen grabs up for guessing. Inspired by Kindertrauma Funhouse and as a way to thank all of her readers for their kind words and comments, so stop on if you dare to show off your mad horror movie skills HERE!! Prizes Contest will end Friday at 6PM with the winners
announced shortly after.


Thanks for reading and have a ghoulish evening!

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