Horror Radar: 4/6/2010

Good evening everyone! We have some quick announcements from your fellow HBA members to report back to you tonight:


The winner of the first The Day After horror blogger giveaway has been announced! Frog Queen from the reknowned Frog on the Pumpkin, you are this month's winner for answering correctly and having your name drawn from the list of entries!! Be sure to contact Christopher at thedayafterart@gmail.com to claim your beautiful new painting! For anyone that missed this month's giveaway, be sure to participate in Christopher's monthly giveaway hosted here through the Horror Blogger Alliance!


Resurrection Jim has recently hosted an essay comparing Rob Zombie's remake of HALLOWEEN against John Carpenter's original:



The Death Rattle has teamed up with Cinema Somnabulist for a brand new Top Five, this week taking on the Top Five Favorite Single Serving Slashers:



Get out there and get reading!!

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1 comment:

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

I won!!! WooHoo! Thanke everyone for helping make this the coolest site!!