The HBA Takes A Stab At: Survival of the Dead!

We got another movie for the fine members of the HBA to take a stab at and this time around it comes from one George A. Romero with his newest zombie film, Survival of the Dead! This one doesn't see a theatrical release until May 5th, but this Friday (4-30-10) the film is going to be made available on VOD through cable providers, XBOX Live, Amazon, etc… I'm sure most Romero fans interested in the movie will jump on this one in the comfort of their own home and like the new Nightmare remake, Survival will certainly be a big focus of discussion for all of us eager horror fans. See the movie, send in your review (, and we will post it right here for every one to see!

Eat the Dead: Survival of the who?

Big Daddy Horror Reviews: Survival of the Dead

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Anonymous said...

Double feature time: Survival of the Dead and the new Nightmare on Elm Street.

Anthony1138 said...

Sounds like the worst double feature ever.