New Blog Additions: 6/14/2010

Be sure to check out these ghoulish new additions to the HBA:

Crap Video Artwork
Acheter Et Entretenir Sa Tronconneuse
Johnny's Cult Films
Living Dead Fiction
Italian Film Review
Area of the Unwell
Time Human
The House that Dripped Blog

Get out there and get reading!!


Gabriel Alexander said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog! Time Human :)

DrippedJake said...

Thanks for the addition! You're truly doing the Lord's Work! And by Lord I mean the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Nebular said...

Thanks for adding me! I'm so glad!:) My blog name on the members column is actually mistaken - you wrote out ConeMarvellous instead of CineMarvellous. Would you please correct it? :)

Amy said...


Nigel M said...

wow, thank you, thank you so much- as steve martin noted in the jerk when discovering his telephone book listing, I am now a somebody :)

I'm still a jerk though!!!

But thanks for the mention.

Ghidorah said...

Thanks a lot!!!

I like being member of secret alliances!

Carl (ILHM) said...

I blame society Nebular, consider it changed! =D

laughingwolf said...


you may wanna check out fellow psychologist and writer, also horror fan:

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