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Welcome New HBA Members... [04-02-11]

Newest HBA Members... please stop by their sites/blog and check them out. Some great stuff to be looked at, also "Newbies" check your link on the main list to make sure it is correct.


Mr. Frights' Scary Stuff

Disturbing Films

The Lead Will Walk The Earth

Naked Snake Press


Lord Dixie's Dark Domain

Swedish Zombie

Too Scary 2 Watch!

Cinema Sharks

Wimp Does Horror

Grave Street U.S.A

Shocks to the System - Subversive Horror Films

Society For A Scarier Planet

Chilling Scenes of Dreadful Villainy

Haunted Drive-in

Midnyte Reader

Xploiting Cinema Reviews


Toes said...

Brilliant. My link works perfectly!

Rabbi said...

My link works as well. Thanks very much for adding me to this incredible group!

Grimm said...

That is really cool that you add peoples sites for people to check out. I'm just getting started, only been up and running a few weeks.

please feel free to drop by my page.


Mr. Xploit, Esquire said...

This is an uber-kewl community. Thanks for having me and the others! Come by my blog and take in the tastelessness!!

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