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Welcome New HBA Members... [02-13-12]

Okay, there are many new HBA Members and you all should check them out, [New HBA Member] as always please make sure you are on the list to the right... If not let me know. Also you will notice I started a HBA 2012 List... we must have reached our list max.  I cannot edit the main list or didn't want to wait for it to load, either way there is new list. IT'S CUSTOMARY TO SAY THANK YOU, OR EVEN BOO.

Holey-Moley... I am early this time... that's got to be worth something.
Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
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Darth Biscuits

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|Black Planet| said...

Thanks for the membership! Great blogs listed here.

Anyone who enjoys some sci-fi tinged horror, or some horror tinged sci-fi is welccome to swing by the Black Planet.

Mick said...

Thank you for adding Left Field Films to the Alliance! There looks to be a lot of great pages worth looking at here, I'm spoiled for choice!

I like to talk about any films that are cult or eccentric or just plain disgusting, whatever it may be! I will even be doing competitions,

Check it out if you have a minute or two.

Michael :)

Darth Biscuits said...

Thanks for adding Horror Homework! We are just starting out and can use any tips and feedback you guys have to offer. We are doing reviews of all things horror in a "classroom" setting, and have even designed our own chalkboard where we can hang around, meet members and post disgusting pictures! Check us out, we love new faces...
See you there!


garrisonjames said...


And thank you. We're happy to be here.

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