Attn: HORROR ARTISTS and a Shout Out!

We are looking for you "HORROR ARTISTS" to design the next "Horror Blogger Alliance" T-shirt, we had made one in the past... but the look changed like every week. So I thought I would give you all a chance to give it a shot, so who is interested? Please Contact us and we will get you the details. Let us know by the end of the month of June and we will pick something by the end of July... this is of course anyone of you wants to enter or even have a T-shirt for the HBA... 

"re: HBA T-SHIRT [2012]"

I wanted to thank the last group of "HBA Gold Members", which is donors to this site:

Allen A... Mystery Donation, did not  send me the site that they spook on.

Zombie Bites

Life in Zack's World
After Midnight, Behind  the Closet Door



Jesse W. Campbell said...

Jay here at Zombiebites.
I'm interested:

Jerry Smith said...

I hope you will be find HORROR ARTISTS soon. Horror craze increase day by day and people demonstrate their great interest so that's why we have recorded DVD set of most people horror TV serial AYAOTD if you fan of this episode then contact with us.

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