"Day 9" of 13 Days of Chills [2013] and a SHOUT OUT! to "A Seat on a Train"

"Day 9" of 13 Days of Chills [2013] Win Prizes and More! Where you read it, learn something interesting, leave a comment and get entered in a weekly giveaway. I know some of you are saying that is just too easy, you are wrong it's that easy. You will see the link and more above so, please do check it out, it's really a great score experience. Check it out!


Soon to be a new "HBA Member" a great group of suspense driven people called "A Seat on a Train" and their first episode "Out of Place". Here is more about this, I would like you all to stop on over and take a look...

Synopsis: Spencer is fixated on keeping everything in its exact, specific place. His obsession is so extreme it has cut him off from the outside world and is now threatening his five-year relationship with his girlfriend, Samantha. After Samantha walks out on a romantic dinner he has prepared, he soon becomes a victim of his own obsessive behavior when random objects around his condo mysteriously shift out of place when he's not looking.

Does this grab you, well it should, so why are you still here... "CLICK HERE" and be transported to...
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