Dire Warnings April: Welcome to Night Vale

In this month's Dire Warnings we step over into the aural realm of podcasts.  I was never very interested in podcasts until a friend recommended this particular show to me.  Some of you may know about this podcast already.  If so, I beg your indulgence as I share the terrifying wonder that is Welcome to Night Vale. 

Sometimes horrifying, sometimes funny, sometimes creepy, sometimes just plain strange, Welcome to Night Vale chronicles the transmissions from a community radio station in the strange desert town of Night Vale.  The voice of Night Vale is that of the show's radio host, Cecil Palmer.  Cecil's deep resonate voice echoes the eerie essence of the many strange events that happen in Night Vale.

To avoid spoilers, I will not share any information about the plots within the show, but instead recommend that you at least listen to the first few episodes.  Welcome to Night Vale truly speaks for itself.  It whispers in your ear when you are lying fearfully in your bed.  It moans unintelligibly behind the closed door to your basement.  It breathes gently on your neck when you think you are alone in the dark.  It's okay.  It's just your imagination.  It's safe.  You are alone...sure you are.  Also, the podcast is an extremely contagious memetic virus.  If you are reading this, then you have already been infected.  There is nothing left to lose.  So go ahead, give it a listen.  Go ahead, listen.  Listen. 

You can subscribe to this podcast via iTunes or Stitcher or Libsyn or any podcast app or Soundcloud.  They have also recently made the podcasts available on Youtube.  Although some might recommend that you listen in the broad light of day, Welcome to Night Vale really should be heard in the dark.

Good Night HBA, I will see you in time.  You've been warned.


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