New Blog Additions: 2/17/2010

More new additions today, be sure to get out there and follow these blogs:

A Racing Mind
Toolshed of Horror!
That Which Should Not Be Measured
Radiation-Scarred Reviews
Tales from the Dorkside
Little Miss Zombie
Day of the Woman
Tea Party of the Dead

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Matt-suzaka said...

This crew is getting big like John Holmes and shit! Very cool!

iZombie said...

made some more badges, if you want to use them please do...


Anonymous said...


Tales From the Dorkside...Not seeing a link for it to the left. And with a name like that, I...Must...Read!


Anonymous said...

And by "left"...I mean "right."


Carl (ILHM) said...

On it, thanks man!

BJ-C said...

Hey loves,
TPOT-D was not supposed to be released for another two days so I can put some final tweaks on it :\

Matt-suzaka said...

I'll take it down if you'd like and put it back up when it's ready?!

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