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Anonymous said...

EDIT: Let's try this again, without all the embarrassing spelling mistakes....

Hi; long-time reader, first time commenter:

I had to tell you that this is some prime artwork. Excellence personified.

By the way, I had no idea I was now a member of the Horror Blogger Alliance until NOW, when I saw my name in the list; guess I'd better do the linkage/banner thingy on my site.

Speaking of which, the other reason I'm here is because you have won this:


Peace out.


Matt-suzaka said...

Ha, don't worry, I disposed of any misspelling evidence! Thanks for the award, and I shall cut it up into equal parts for all contributors and members to enjoy!

christopher zenga said...

Thanks for the kind words, sorry for the late response, been real busy in the studio. Hey and AWARD! Sweet, I'm sure Matt will hang it above his mantle!

Later days,


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