I am getting our affairs in Order...

Greetings HBA Members,
I am trying to build a "HBA Data-base" of all of the group, for updates, changes, attendance.
Please send your name, website and email you respond best to:


Jeremy [iZombie]
HBA Staff

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Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

Will the email address be published? Just don't want to get spammed.

Other wise here is my info for ya!

Artwork By Living Dead Girl Nicole
Contact: http://livingdeadgirlnicoleart.blogspot.com/p/contact-artist.html

iZombie said...

just your website info here will be posted, your email is for the HBA staff to contact if ever need to...


iZombie said...

please email the info, instead of leaving it here... jeremy@jmhdigital.com
i have updated [and deleted] your post, thanks for the info.

Tony C said...

Email sent in regards to Benevolent Street. Thanks!

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