New Blog Additions: 8/11/10

We here at the HBA are proud to introduce the newest victims…err, I mean…the newest "crop" of Alliance members to our lovely little family. Lets be sure to make them all welcome and take a moment to check out each and every one of their blogs! And if for some reason you were accidentally missed and your site has not yet been added to the HBA, please be sure to leave a comment below or send us an email at horrorbloggeralliance (@) hotmail (.) com and we will be sure to get you in there asap. 

The Halloween Blues

Never Sleeps Again

Soiled Sinema


Spooky Brew

Movies At Midnight

Friday Night Boys

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iZombie said...


The Halloween Blues said...

Thanks a lot for putting me up ^_^

Maweanne said...

Thanks for putting me up!

The Frog Queen said...

Welcome everyone!!


Ryan Midnight said...

Very happy to be part of the crop!

Kaykiie said...

I joined but you missed me out :P :D

Matt-suzaka said...

All set, Kaykiie!

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