Horror Addicts Unite!!!

Like most HBA members, I'm addicted to horror. No, seriously, I gotta get a daily dosage in some way or another. Mostly, it comes off the net. But I totally dig a sweet trip to the cinema, or even a leg up on the couch with my fav DVD crankin over. But I do spend countless damn hours sittin on the Netbook trawlin for horror. If only I could combine the 2 together, the Net PLUS Movies. Endless movies....

Well, now I CAN!!!

Yup. My dreams came true over at Horror Addicts. It's a website dedicated to one of the biggest online collection of horror movies I've ever seen. Plus it's all FREE!!! That's right. Free to join one of the largest online horror movie based communities on the web. How can I not join in to such a sweet deal....

And not only movies. They have the obligatory forum stuff, plus some amazing online games, free PC based programs, you name it, it's pretty much all collected for the avid horror head all in one nice little playground. How this site hasn't been more widely advertised I'll never know. But I found it. And now... so can you dear HBA readers.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check Horror Addicts out HERE.

You know you want to....

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Planet of Terror said...

This is freakin' awesome! Thanks for posting.

stonerphonic said...

You're welcome POT. How this site isn't on the top of everyone's list is beyond me. Free streaming horror movies... wot more could you possibly want?

Nailz said...

Afraid the site is now a private members site, can only join if invited by a already registered, I'm guessing stonerphonic is already a registered member, so maybe they will give out invites to anyone who wants to join, but that will be up to them.

Thanks for the good write up on the site stonerphonic and glad your enjoying it.


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