November 2011


CTHUTUBE said...

Necronomithon 2011!

All November (or Necrovember... ok, that was stupid, forget I said it) Cthutube will be running a marathon of audio books and audio dramas about black magic, evil books, and calling up things that should not be!

Join us on Cthutube as we try to raise funds for the show and our film "History Of The Necronomicon"!

Nebular said...

Best to Worst Found Footage / Mockumentary Horror Movies

Anthony Cowin said...

The Endless Game- News about my winning entry in the 'Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #22' comp.

The Zombie Hunter said...

The zombie apocalypse may last years or decades. When the last bullet is shot, arrows will fly.

Find out how archery could give you the edge WTSHTF.

Stay vigilant!

RiseandFight said...

Wrapping up all the Halloween activity. We had an all night horror show at our local drive-in and we also got to visit the SET OF THE WALKING DEAD! Amazing time! Head over to to check out all the detail and pics!

Johnny Zombie said...

Hey everybody! Johnny Zombie here!

This month, The Nightmare Fuel Podcast will be featuring a listener's poll. You vote for the fourth episode of the month.

The choices are...
1. The Salem Witch Trials
2. Werewolves--History and Myth
3. The Walking Dead (TV Series)
4. Urban Legends--Origins of Modern Horror Stories

I also have a reading of Rudyard Kipling's tale, "The Mark of the Beast," as well as an episode about Guy Fawkes.

Also, the real cases of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, writer of Sherlock Holmes.

All that, and more, on The Nightmare Fuel Podcast.

Prasetyo said...

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The Zombie Hunter said...

Killing zombies needs specialized training. Especially when equipped with a recurve bow. Archery vs Zombies? Heck yes!

William said...

This month in Honor of Boris Karloff`s birthday on the 23rd i`m going to post a list of my top 10 favorite movies of his, i`ll also have reviews up for Horror Express(1972),and Motel Hell(1980)as well as couple others I haven't decided on yet.

Anthony Cowin said...

News about a story I've sold to Creuntus Libri Press for their '100 Horrors' anthology. Still looking for a few more subs.

Thanks, Tony

Jesse W. Campbell said...

This month at zombiebites I will be spotlighting several dark older pieces from my sketchbooks. I will also be displaying some of the artwork I created before my suicide attempt in 1998.

lord magius said...

best eye gouging scenes from horror movies

lord magius said...

horror movies and death metal

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