Welcome New HBA Members... [11-01-11]

Okay, there have a whole lot of new HBA Members and or a very long time for me to update the list, as always please make sure you are on the list to the right. If not let me know, also you will notice I dumped and started a fresh "New Members Only" page. I did this to make it easier to edit and to stop all the nasty emails I am getting because for what ever reason it clicks back to you every time someone adds something.  IT'S CUSTOMARY TO SAY THANK YOU, OR EVEN BOO.

Jeremy [iZombie]
HBA Staffer

PS. If you were on the "New Members Only" request page and did not get on the list, cause of a Blogger issue please follow the steps and let me know you were missed... I will try to get you on the master HBA List asap!
So here is the list of the newest HBA Members:

Cinematic Catharsis
Barry P.
REAL Zombies in Brooklyn
Left Hand Horror
Fister Roboto

Don't Mess With Dinosaurs
Brian Engh

Fun With Horror
Tyler aka Horror Fan
Cassie Carnage's House of  Horrors
Alexis Rohlin  [Cassie Carnage]
Writer by Night
Chris Regan
Corner of Terror
Mike S
Vampire and Horror Stories and Beyond
Neil Benson
Serge Breton (Maxchoc)

Mister Cantankerous (Mr. C)


Mister Cantankerous said...

Well I'll tell you what I think, I think I just wanted to say a quick thank you Jeremy for adding my to the alliance. That's what I think.

I look forward to reading more of your work, as well as the work of other members. Now I will invite you all back to my place for a brew, I hear Jeremy is buying.

Now you're on your own.

Barry P. said...


Thanks so much for adding my blog to the Horror Blogger Alliance! I look forward to inflicting (um, I mean introducing) my perspective on horror to the rest of the world. I also can't wait to discover some new favorite blogs in the months ahead!

Barry P.

Mike S said...

Thanks for adding me to the alliance, and greetings to the other members. :)

Cassie Carnage said...

Thanks Jeremy! And Hi to all my fellow HBA members!

Horror Fan said...

Thank you Jeremy. You are a star!

Calico Skelly said...

Thank you, Jeremy and BOO!

I appreciate being added and will visit others. This is a great site.

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