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Welcome New HBA Members... [08-04-12]

Okay, there are many new HBA Members and you all should check them out, as always "New Members" check to see you are on the list correctly. The new master list is available at top right above the donation button.

Can someone please give me a hand, I am having trouble making the members list for 2012 look right... I cannot get the bullets to match up correctly. I cannot make them disappear to add more to them, if you look at the the big list I want to make it look like that. I still want to keep them separate, maybe some can be my "Microsoft Word" person.

Thank you!
Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
HBA Curator 
List of the newest HBA Members:
Stuart Gordon's Lab Report
Joel (The Intern)

Jenny's House of Horrors

Zomblog Of The Dead

Vampire and Zombie Tips and Theories

gotta/enk films
Jessi and Bryan

K.N. Porter [Horror Author]
K.N Nichole Porter

Bibliotheca Obscura

Dying To Write


gotta/enk films said...

Thank you very much for the add. And hello, all!

- Jessi & Bryan | gotta/enk films

Rin said...

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