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Welcome New HBA Members... [08-31-12]

Okay, there are many new HBA Members and you all should check them out, as always "New Members" check to see you are on the list correctly. The new master list is available at top right above the "Donation Button".

Welcome... New HBA Members and I wanted to let you know that we have a great group being added... and mind you early. We are closing in to "Halloween", some of us a
re planing big stuff... what are you doing something for the one day or even better the whole month of October.
I wanted to let you know it's never to late to order your "HBA T-SHIRT", hell it could be it's own costume.. so follow the link above. What are you waiting for, us to get really scary?

Thank you!
Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
HBA Curator 
List of the newest HBA Members:

The Funhouse

It Came From The Man Cave

Anthony J. Rapino's Offcial Site

From the Mind of Tatlock

From the Basement of Tatlock

Zombie Joe's Tavern
Zombie Joe

The Bloody Morgue

Looks Dark Blog

Books of Blood

Horror Junkies


Creepy Glowbugg said...

Can I be on your list? Please?

Bob Milne said...

I started preparing for October last weekend. Sent about 2 dozen interview request to various horror authors.

So far 1 declined (no surprise - it was Stephen King), and 1 accepted.

Anthony Rapino said...

Thanks so much for the welcome! Yes, as always I'm planning big things for Halloween. In fact (not to pimp my site or anything) but from now until October 31st there will be two big contests on my site. Thanks again for the welcome!

It Came From The Man Cave said...

Thanks for letting my hang with all the cool kids! I have been checking out bloggers from this site for a year or so. I'm glad to be part of the team!

Rene said...

thanks, but I changed my website name and address. I use to be the ultimate reviewer.


the bloody morgue

Fistfull of Boomstick said...

Thanks so much for including me. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

Michael Tatlock said...

Thank for including me on the list. I look forward to checking out other peoples sites.

I wanted to let you know that my sites addresses are changed now to:


The site names are the same.

Thanks again.

klownz said...

"klownz" in the house! Just wanted to say hi!

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