September [2012]

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Sir Jorge Orduna said...

On scary film review and for those that leave a comment on my blog or like me on facebook, I will be giving away a KINDLE FIRE 2.

1 Winner will be given a KINDLE FIRE 2, which comes out next week.

I have posted a small update, but hopefully this gets me more readers, viewers, and friends. If not, then take advantage of my low readership and get your grubby hands on the new Kindle Fire.

Kristin Battestella said...

Hi hi gang!

I Think Therefore I Review is gearing up for our usual horror focused articles this September and October. Not that the macabre doesn't generally dominate our thoughts for the rest of the year, but we get a bit crazy, 'tis the season, after all.

There's still some Science Fiction and Star Trek lingering from the summer, but bookmark our Horror Label for our Halloween Movie Marathon reports. After all, don't we all start in August? ;0)

Dom Coccaro said...

Random Reviews Incorporated will be incorporating (ha!) weekly video updates/reviews into the regular line-up of shenanigans. Most of the content will still be written, however. I just posted a review of Krull. These are the movies I plan on covering in September...

Monkey Boy
The Vineyard
Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde
Plutonium Baby
Pet Sematary 2

Of course, review schedules are subject to change. And as always, I'll also be rambling about wrestling and comic books. So swing by and pull up a chair!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Genre Favorites Blogfest September 17!

Joe Nazare said...

Hi everyone. Last week at Macabre Republic I posted a quick interview with Alden Bell, author of the zombie/Southern Gothic novel _The Reapers Are the Angels_ (and its forthcoming prequel, _Exit Kingdom_). You can check it out at

Unknown said...

I've got a giveaway going on over at The Moon is a Dead World's Facebook page where you can enter to win one of two copies of Your House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone by Stefan Kiesbye. Contestants just need to comment with their favorite ghost story.

Campbell3555 said...

New dark art at Zombie Bites for September:

Revelations and discoveries abound this month beginning with a dark wished for lover, an archaeological dig that uncovers a disturbing secret, the room that ate the world, Abraxas lifting a curtain of illusion, and the stark beginning of a void child.

The big news this month at Zombie Bites is the beginning of a new weekly offering: The Featured Creature! Each week I will be posting a new creature sketch from my sketchbooks. Some will be classic and familiar, but others will be...from somewhere else. This first month is all about heads beginning with the head of a grizzled Satyr. Come be creeped out every Tuesday with The Featured Creature!

From The Archives delves into the night this month with a blue boy in the underworld, several children of the night, and what the sun discovered the next day.

September wraps up with a creepy visitor, a visit to Halloweenland, a daemonic engine and its fearful entourage, and we end the month by falling into the spirit pot.

Check it out at Zombie Bites!

CallaWolf said...
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CallaWolf said...
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CallaWolf said...

I will reviewing the film "Silent Hill" (2006) either late September or early October, as well as doing some general impressions on stores I see during the Halloween season.

I'll also be doing a review of "Horrors of Spider Island" and possibly a few other horror b-movies.

My blog, titled Horror, Mobsters, & Darkness, can be found here:

Joe Nazare said...

Hi everyone. I've put out a call for submissions to Macabre Republic, for a post feature entitled "American Epitaphs." There's no $ payment for accepted submissions, but a link to your blog/website will be given.
Full details at:

Celluloid Terror (Seth Poulin) said...

Celluloid Terror is taking part in the October Horror Challenge. I'll watch 100 horror movies during the month and blog about each day's viewing. If you join the challenge over at DVDTalk you can have a lot of fun talking about horror and win one of 30+ prizes from the sponsors (including Celluloid Terror and other great companies).