Welcome 2013... for the Horror Blogger Alliance!

Going On Our 4th Year
So we working behind the scenes at the Horror Blogger Alliance have been talking what we can do to make this a better place, a place you can be proud of or be a part of. We think we came up with a nice solution, first we got this place looking like we want... second we could not be more proud to host such a great place and third we appreciate all the shirt purchases... along with the year round donations.

We are going to make this a simple change, we are going to stop making a month to month posting... as we have found only a certain select few actually use it. That is awesome and once again thank you for taking the time to add your upcoming events, posts, interviews e.t.c. We have had a attack to the site from a hidden spam-thing where we were being told that it is re-directing you to unsafe places. We do not want that, so we think outside of a couple places the comments will be available to those who are registered users... no more "Anonymous" comments.

We are going to make this a "HBA DIRECTORY" which will list all the places like before, but there will be no more need to comment on the month to month thing. We encourage you all to seek out all the members here and enjoy their content and vice-versa. We will still highlight new HBA Members on the monthly basis like before, you will just have to let us know if there is something wrong with your post.

We have Sponsors, Donations and T-shirts that help keep this alive... manly it is you the HORROR people, so please keep moving forward. Let us welcome 2013, we want to LIVE as long as we can... so have a great year!

Are main goal is to share the Horror Sites and the fans who run them... we are just the doorway to those places... so I say "Knock, Knock".

Thank you!
Jeremy [Retro]
HBA Curator


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The directory is a good idea. So is no anonymous comments.
May next year rock!

K.N. Porter said...

Happy New Year HBA... I agree on the no anonymous comments. Looking for another amazing year in horror.

Campbell3555 said...

Happy Fourth Year! Wahoo! I agree on the anonymous comments...got to keep things safe. I live in South Carolina (rolls eyes). Glad to hear the Tshirts are doing well! Here's to an exciting and horror filled 2013!