Horror Radar: 29/7/2010

Hey all,
So Apoligies for not getting the updates up sooner *insert usual reasons here* but here are all the latest updates that we have been reciving from your fellow HBA members.

* Brandon at "Big Daddy Reviews" has interviews with Tammi Sutton director of "Sutures", Jacob Knapp director of "Down With The Boogey" and Wayne Henrique director of "Attack of the Killer Turds"

* Chris over at "The Unflinching Eye" is doing a series of posts on David Cronenberg called the Interzone Dispatches. The Dispatches will focus on various aspects of his work, approaching it from a (hopefully) slightly different angle. I'll be looking at recent Cronenbergian influences on the arts; some of his most rare directorial efforts, including some of his 70's genre TV work (from the same period as SHIVERS); and what the Canadian master of body horror and brain-bending philosophy has in store for us in the future!

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Anonymous said...

I am definitely following both blogs with great fascination and glee.
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum
btw, did you realize that when a zombie drinks too much coffee she ends up blogging and watching 2005's Venom, which disappointingly has nothing to do with Spider-man but has turned out to be a not too terrible horror flick...too many m*f*ing snakes on my m*f*ing TV!!