Thinking about a HBA T-shirt?

Carl [] Loves His HBA T-shirt!
Just a reminder about the member's T-shirt that is still available... to date we have made three.  Yes that is correct three shirts, I know we have more HBA Members than that. I will extend out the shirt deadline if we have too, I have to make a minimum of 25 shirts to place a order.  Please let me know if you are interested or are going to be interested, I just want to have everyone show their support to the group.

So click on the link to the right for more details, operators are standing by right now and the first 25 callers will receive a free gift... a free gift of love and the best internet air hug you will ever get!
Jeremy [iZombie]

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Elwood Jones said...

Really wanting to get one, but also got the darn DVLA threatening me with legal proceedings, since they don's apparently know how to file their darn paperwork!
So once I get that sorted, its right on top of the to buy list :)