This Week For: November 28th to Dec 4th [2010]

[HBA-MEMBERS] Please put all your upcoming events here...
Let everyone know what you are doing this week


Jenn said...

The Paul Naschy blog-a-thon begins tomorrow, November 29th and runs through December 3rd. Check out the Cavalcade of Perversions for updates or Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies (the Duke and the Vicar are spearheading the whole thing). Should be fun and it will mark the Mighty Molina's passing last year.

Anonymous said...

Announcing the "Blogger Zombie Walk". For more info see my post at:

or Autumnforest's blog at:

Check it out!!!

Eddie said...

Things are humming along nicely over in my little corner of the blogosphere. I've recently discovered a new, developing style where I'm experimenting more with color and a little more of my normal fucked up content. Check out the nose bleed tag if you're curious.

HorrO said...

Check out my latest post as I take you through my experience getting into a casket, which simulated taking me to the graveyard, and buried alive. There are pics, and videos of this simulation, including me inside the casket.

Also, check out the Horror on TV page for my random thoughts on all 5 episodes of The Walking Dead. Read them while watching repeats of the episodes for the most fun.

Visit today!

Unknown said...

We are having a big promotional push in the lead up to Xmas for the Classic Horror Campaign.
You can read more on our blog -

We are trying to get as many horror fans as possible to sign our petition so please sign and spread the word! Thanks!!

Copyboy said...

Cool. lots of horrific stuff I need to check out. After I watch the Walking Dead!

Derek said...

Come check out my new Blog Talk Radio Show. So far I have already had as guests Eric Morse author of the Camp crystal Lake Novels, and Ashley C.Williams from the Human Centipede. Lining up to be on the show are Stacey Nelkin, Cerina Vincent, John Birmingham, Victor Miller, Gary Sales and many more. Come join blog talk make a listeners page and follow the show! The show page is
I am also looking to raise funds for my new slasher film idea "Josie" to find out more go see the teaser trailer here
Also my first feature Family Property feat Lloyd Kaufman a 70's style grindhouse slasher film is now available on amazon video on demand!

Spooky Sean said...

Review of The Walking Dead episode five, and a review for the film, El Monstro Del Mar is soon to be up, probably in the next day or so.

Unknown said...

We interviewed Elsiabeth Fies about the upcoming BleedFest event and the plight of female horror directors in late 2010:

Lis Fies Interview at All Things Horror