This Week For: December 19th to Dec 25th [2010]

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Let everyone know what you are doing this week


Anonymous said...

Are you a fan of the zombie apocalypse, the notion of hell on Earth, Danzig, "The Walking Dead", or "The Boondock Saints"? Are you up for a challenge? I'm hosting a horror-prompt fiction writing contest at my blog. And, yes my darlings...there are prizes.

Aside from being mentioned in a post, the link to the contest page is also located under my "Pages" tab. Have fun.

Eddie said...

This week I finally completed everything I need to do in order to launch my new Digital Downloads experiment. Check it out!

HorrO said...

I just posted my top 5 favorite and least favorite horror movies of 2010. Check it out, comment, and please feel free to include your list. Also, later this week I will be posting a tribute to Gremlins. Yes, Gremlins! One of my favorite movies growing up.

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