May 2011 for the HBA MEMBERS

Okay, here is one of those changes I had mentioned, so instead of a "week to week" update I have made it for the entire month. It will stay at top of the main page, this is so people can see what you are up to for the entire month. So please post all things MAY here, and check out the up and coming events that your fellow HBA Members are up to..

Jeremy [iZombie]
HBA Staffer


Alec Pridgen said...

Lots of fun stuff over at Mondo Bizarro for May.

Random Week brings about a slew of films including an Australian sci-fi film, a musical anime and a tale about a man summoning a dream demon.

Killer Mammals Week features the mentally-challenged running from a tiger, a killer goat-man and that dude from 'Phantasm' battling a Tasmanian Devil.

Lastly, Instant Foreign Week features a French 'TCM' rip-off, an Icelandic 'TCM' rip-off and a Finnish kung-fu film. No, really.

Check it out-

ghostwound said...

Review for Thor is up now and later for this week will be a review for Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight. Stop on by In The Mouth Of Madness.

Unknown said...

A review and blog about The Classic Horror Campaign. Details about the cause, aims and petition.

Anonymous said...

My blog, In it For the Kills: Horror Perspectives used to be at It has moved to Would you please change the link in your blogroll? The one you have up now is dead.
Thank you.

ghostwound said...

Review for Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight is now up over at In The Mouth Of Madness. Come check it out!

zombiebites said...

This month I'm covering the Halloween parties my friends and I threw in the early 00's and all the artwork I created for them. All of this revolves around a bastardized version of a party game called Murder in the Dark, but we called it Murder in the Maze!

The Zombie Hunter said...

I've reviewed a really cool shoulder bag that seems tough enough to outlast the zombie apocalypse.

The crisis will definitely last more than a couple of years. Won't it be great to have gear that can go the distance?

Giovanni Susina said...

Review for Colour from the Dark (2008) At the Mansion of Madness:

Mr. Xploit, Esquire said...

Stuff on the Worst Movies Ever! Also, Grindhouse DVD trends and coverage on the Sarah Silverman nude film "Take This Waltz."

Eddie said...

I recently decided to make my blog the official home of all things Fuzzy Skeletonian!

Stop on by and get your dose of fuzzy skellies today!

The Zombie Hunter said...

Neil Gaiman's wearing t-shirt with a brain on it.

Does he find smart people sexy or does he want to eat our brains?

You decide!

The Zombie Hunter said...

The Center for Disease Control has published a guide to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Yes, that CDC.

I also think that there's more to it than they're letting on.

Stay vigilant!

FoolishCop said...

Over at Devil's Eve, we'll be working on props for this year's display. The goal is to change the haunt from a Heinz 57 display with a little bit of everything in it to a 12th century monastery theme.

While we'll initially be rebuilding the entrance pillars to our cemetery, we'll also be constructing a pneumatic grave digger grave digger, a monster in a box, and an Passage to Hell. Those will be coming later in the year, so May will focus on completing the pillars.

Come join the progress on my blog where I also discuss anything related to haunts, Halloween, and horror.


Bad Ronald said...

Win A Blu-ray/DVD combo pack of Vampire Circus!!

Head on over to Bad Ronald's Blog and "follow" to win.

ghostwound said...

This week reviews for the remake of Mother's Day and Super will be up. Head on over to In The Mouth Of Madness to read them!