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Horror reads in the book of "e"
I was blog surfing the web on many things as I do and wondered where to go if I had a horror book... not just a horror book, but a ebook of horrors. I found this great place that shares reviews, introduces me to new authors and where to find that book. Gives me a chance not for just your average review, no it gives me a chance to read from some of the pages as well. So if you are looking for a new read or have a new ebook you should go take a look at this website... they don't just cover horror on their sister site they give you many types of style, so go now links are a click away...
-Jeremy [iZombie]


William Malmborg said...

Great find. I will be using this site for sure. I always love finding new horror books by under-known writers, and also have a new book out myself that might find this site helpful.

Sean Thomas Fisher said...

Thanks for the heads off, I mean up, Jeremy. Love coming across new sites that support indie writers like this. Will get my zombie ebooks on there foe show.

Thanks again!

SR said...

Thanks for mentioning us! I'm Shaina, one of the admins (the other is my husband) of EbooksofHorror and indiebookslist. I'm an Indie writer myself. I don't write horror but I absolutely love the genre, and I have for as long as I can remember.

I started EbooksofHorror because as I interacted with thousands of writers online, the Horror writers quickly became my favorites. Not just because I love the genre so much, but because I'm amazed at their creativity. Self-publishing has blown the doors wide open and allowed us to push boundaries we couldn't have pushed otherwise, and I love seeing that right before my eyes in the Horror genre. Besides that, my Horror writer friends are some of the sweetest, most gracious people I've ever encountered. Sorry if that's embarrassing to any of them who may read this. :)

Sorry, I ramble. Before this turns into my own blog post, I'll just say, "thanks."