Welcome New HBA Members... [02-01-12]

Okay, there are many new HBA Members and you all should check them out, [New HBA Member] as always please make sure you are on the list to the right... If not let me know. Also you will notice I started a HBA 2012 List... we must have reached our list max.  I cannot edit the main list or didn't want to wait for it to load, either way there is new list. IT'S CUSTOMARY TO SAY THANK YOU, OR EVEN BOO.

Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
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PS. If you were on the "New Members Only" request page and did not get on the list, cause of a Blogger issue please follow the steps and let me know you were missed... I will try to get you on the master HBA List asap!
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Old Horror Movies
Zombie Bodhi [Matt]

Ryan's Reviews

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Life After Undeath Horror Reviews

Metropol Movies
Ally Cat

Texas Lipstick Massacre

Stumptown Horror
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Terror Dreams


TEOS said...

Thanks everyone! A bit about the blog:

The End of Summer contains musings on the darker side of movies, music, literature, and other oddities. Occasionally there will be some original fiction by yours truly, some rare music to stream or download, or even a little levity. An effort is made to post every day to make it a daily stop for fellow horror-enthusiasts. Some regular columns include 'Unsung Horrors,' which sheds light on movies you may not know exist; and 'Shitty Flicks,' which is a fun (and mostly immature) celebration of bad movies of every genre. There will be a heavy presence of all things John Carpenter, as well as reviews and/or spotlights of movies falling into the found footage sub-genre. The blog receives advance screeners from multiple independent and low budget video releasing companies, so there will occasionally be tips on movies for you to seek out or avoid before they hit shelves. New ideas are always in various stages of planning (exclusive and original soundscapes are in the works, as well as those inspired by popular and iconic horror movies) in an effort to keep the blog fresh.

So come and visit some time, and enjoy your stay!

C.C. Harvey said...

Thank you! My contributors and myself are very excited to be a part of THE ALLIANCE. We are semi new to blogging, but we have hit the ground running from zombies. I started the site last year in hopes of getting more girls involved in writing about horror, because there aren't that many of us.

Our site has a little bit of everything, from current events, top 10 lists, and reviews, to our mascot Ghost Face Killah, who always seems to work his way into our posts after we saw how many hits we got on the site that were looking for him. What can I say, we give the people what they want.

We have also just started podcasting, which is soooo much harder than it looks! Our podcast is available on itunes under TexasLipstickMassacre and we would appreciate any tips or feedback.

I'm looking forward to meeting new people that share my interest in horror movies and everything horror related, learning about all the horror movies I have missed out on (I just learned about "Shakma" yesterday, or rather "SHAAAAKMMA!!"), and the new year of blogging ahead at TexasLipstickMassacre.

Thank you so much!

ZombieBodhi said...

Thanks! Glad to be a new member of the HBA and hopefully collaborating with many of you in the future on all kinds of exciting bloody projects.

My blog basically covers all old horror movies from the silent era of the 20s, the classics of the 30s-50s, all the way to the cheesy 80s. So if you're into that old timey horror, then feel stop by and visit.