May [2012]

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Joe Nazare said...

In honor of Zombie Awareness Month, I will be publishing undead-related posts all throughout May over at Macabre Republic (

Dr Blood said...

Win a free copy of "Masters of Terror" - ends May 30th, 2012.

Critters and Gods said...

Critters and Gods made its first shirt! Its a drawing inspired by the film Two-Headed Shark Attack. Check it out:

Jolie du Pre said...

Sign up for I LOVE HORROR/PARANORMAL BLOG HOP to be held on August 6 - 10, 2012.

Unknown said...

Viewer Vomit #7 over at The Moon is a Dead World! This time the film club movie is Hour of the Wolf - watch it, review it, then submit your link to me and I'll post it on June 1 with my review.

Unknown said...

My ghost story, The Beautiful Noise, is now available as a free download via the Ether App here-

Or through visiting the Ether Books website here-

"A father on the edge of breakdown starts seeing his dead son hidden in the everyday sounds around him. Will he resist the sounds or follow the music to the beautiful noise?"

Howard Beale's Ghost said...

Monsterverse's new issue #2 of BELA LUGOSI'S TALES FROM THE GRAVE with the Rick Baker cover is out!

PREVIEWSworld posts preview of pages: New Lugosi horror comic in shops 5/2/12! Check the buzz & Rick Baker cover!

"Everything about this [Bela Lugosi #2] issue screams old school horror meets new school approach. With the inclusion of an interview and the pin-ups this is a steal for only $5. I am beyond ecstatic that this issue is in my collection and I can not wait for more. There is a reason that Monsterverse Entertainment won a Ghastly Award and had so many nominees, they do horror right!" -Decapitated Dan

Look for it at comic shops or order it.

Comics from the MONSTERVERSE are NOW AVAILABLE at finer comic shops in the US and Canada and on!

Please note that MV books are available in the UK via Hemlock Books.

MV books are also available in the US on FACEBOOK via our Monsterverse Store.

You can also download our books at iVerse, Amusedom and GRAPHICLY.

Monsterverse on GRAPHICLY presents the best in modern horror stories told in the classic horror comics tradition. Publications include BELA LUGOSI'S TALES FROM THE GRAVE and the graphic novel series THE BLACK FOREST and THE FACELESS. Download now on your computer or mobile apps.

Thanks for any help in getting the word out.

Campbell3555 said...

At Zombiebites this month:

The month began with dark updates from my sketchbook archives and a couple of tattoo designs, but the real scary bit this month is the Devil's Head series. These four pieces focus on a cursed artifact, a consumptive undead force, one of my personal demons, and some thing that lives and swims in blood.

Come check it out!

Travis said... is currently being updated with all new download links. All shows should be back online before the end of June, then new episodes/shows will be posted!

Anonymous said...

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