June [2012]

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Elwood Jones said...

*New cross bloggin project*

"Mad, Bad and Down Right Strange" an ambitious cross blogging project, to provide a 1001 film introduction to cult and obscure cinema, while providing a watch list for the established fans in a similar vein to "1001 Movies To See Before You Die"

The list has now been compiled and we are looking for bloggers, to submit thier review links for films on the list.

Check out the site for more details on supporting this project.


Alec Pridgen said...

Mondo Bizarro Cinema continues to cover the weird, wild and, well, weird.

A week of vampire films begins the month, followed by the random films on a single 2-disc DVD set.

More chaos to follow.


Campbell3555 said...

More Dark Art showing at Zombie Bites all this month!

June begins with a belligerent haunted house and the Occult strangeness of The Body of Light series.

The two recent eclipses have upset the natural order of things and dislodged some strange creatures from the dusty art archives. Look for a ghost, a skull, a dream shard, and a moon cocoon. They'll be crawling out to haunt all month.

June ends with an apocalyptic series of Cthulhu and Tarot inspired pieces called Grey Days.

Check it out at Zombie Bites.

TJ said...

Warning Signs will celebrate our first anniversary this month! Whoo!

Dom Coccaro said...

This month, Random Reviews Incorporated focuses on horror comics. As per usual, there will still be plenty of movie reviews. I'm going to tackle several obscure oddities that aren't on DVD including such titles as Shadow Creature, The Monster of Piedras Blancas and Hellroller.

The site is updated daily, so bookmark the shit out of it!


ghostwound said...

The lead up to Prometheus starts today with a review for ALIEN and then the review for ALIENS will be up Friday. Review for PROMETHEUS will be up Monday. And as a bonus I'll be running a contest to win a blu-ray movie this month as well. Keep checking back to In The Mouth Of Madness to win!

ghostwound said...

Review for PROMETHEUS is now up. Also up is the review for Alien and Aliens. And this week is the second contest. You can check everything out here: http://ghostwound.blogspot.com/2012/06/prometheus-2.html

ghostwound said...

The second contest is now going for In The Mouth Of Madness blog. Just copy the link and find out what it's all about!

Unknown said...

I talk to Shaun Adams about his new dark anthology, 'Jack is Writing' over at The Futurist. We discuss everything from horror, to sci-fi to men in tinfoil hats. Check it here, all comments and click are welcome. Thanks


Dr Blood said...

A week of "Night of the Demons" movie reviews is about to end but more demons are on the way since it's still hotter than Hell outside!


Jerry Smith said...

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almondz said...

i like your all posters and i just want 2 open scary house in mah hotel who situated in delhi so thnx for the providing that kind of prints ;)

Dr. Theda said...

How Do I join ...???
I am on Disability and $60.oo a month Food stamps .... so I cannot Donate.... Sorry

Unknown said...

The Countdown To Halloween 2012 begins! So grab your security blanket and join us in the pumpkin patch as we are bringing our fans loads of stories and films to give you chills and frights! Join us at out new site at WWW.CTHUTUBE.COM Be sure to visit http://librivox.org/ for great audio books! Vote for your favorite horror movie for our "Cthutube Top 100 Best Horror Movies Of All Time" list on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cthutube/203877012969184

Also, we are looking for people interested in working with The Cthutube Network, details here- http://www.cthutube.com/p/league-of-eldritch-gentlemen.html